Chinese-language billboards to remove in Mandalay

credit emg 13.june 2013


The Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) has requested to remove all Chinese language billboards around the ancient capital.

The MCDC also asked all schools to remove signs and other advertisements in Chinese-language.

“We don’t allow any languages except Myanmar and English on billboards. We requested the billboard owners to remove advertisements written in Chinese. We didn’t take action but we are scrutinizing them,” said Myo Aung, an official with the MCDC.

Many locals in Mandalay are Chinese. Seeing as the MCDC has only asked to remove the billboards and has not taken any action, some billboards in Mandalay have not changed, local residents say.

“We have allowed two advertising billboards for a Chinese airline in downtown Mandalay because of a request from the Chinese embassy. However, we are not allowing any other billboards in Chinese in any other areas. So if they are found out, let us know and we will ask to remove them,” said Mr. Aung.

Most of billboards in Chinese are advertising special clinics, language schools, jewellery shops and hotels and most are located in central areas such as 80th street and 78th street.

Mandalay has around 50,000 residents from Chinese origin holding legal household registration papers, according to Immigration and National Registration Department.

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