Tomás Ojea Quintana, UN’s special rapporteur blasts police impunity in Myanmar,BUT QUIET ON KILLING BURMESE CITIZEN IN MALAYSIA



BURMESE PEOPLE KILLED IN MALAYSIA-According to the VOA news in Burmese, today more had been slaughtered. Two Burmese women were brutally gun raped and murdered in Malaysia by state sponsored terrorist gangs and nearly 18 people died. Death toll rises daily and it is alarming situation there.
International Media: Please let people know the truth that Burmese people are killed daily in Malaysia by Malaysia based Terrorist Gangs (PS: All victims are Buddhists from Burma). This is not only crime but it is HATE crime and SERIOUS crime.

Myanmar Nationalistic Social Network Committee, Malaysia

STATEMENT: Special Issue to call for international justice, care, and protection to make effective, preventive and protective measurement to any Myanmar Citizen and people in Malaysia

File No. 01/2013 Date: 12 June 2013

Brief Story

Fact Sheet of Myanmar National violently Killed and Injured in Malaysia


Eight Myanmar citizens have been murdered and twelve men are seriously injured by violent attacks of perpetrators in the suburb areas of Kuala Lumpur and some cities in Malaysia for last two weeks. The violent attacks are still going on. None of the perpetrators has been arrested so far.
This report is intended to urge concern authorities of Malaysia to arrest the criminals and prosecute them according to laws and ensure safety of Myanmar citizens in Malaysia.
After community leaders of Myanmar citizens investigated the deaths and injured, the conclusions were drew that the attackers are well-organized, coordinated, and three groups who are professional killers. The community leaders presumed that the attackers are possibly a well-formed international terrorist group. They randomly violently attack Myanmar citizens in Malaysia.
The community leaders assumed that the three groups of attackers are combination of foreign nationals, Middle Easterners, local Malay language speakers, and some Myanmar nationals. The first group of 15 men uses 2 minivans and attacks the Myanmar workers who walk from the jobs to homes and went to shopping places. Other group is about 10 to 12 men who use motorcycles and attack individuals who are alone and a group of 3 to 4 men. The third group is about 5 t0 8 men who enter residents and attack the people. Some are attacked at the workplaces after the front runners calls the group of motorcyclists who stand by nearby places to attack. Some use dark-face-cover-masks while they are attacking the individuals.
After the quick attacks are completed, they run away and disappeared. The bead-bodies and injured are left on the scenes. However, the recent reports say that the death bodies are picked by the following vans, the same group of terrorists, immediately after the attacks. As a result, the community leaders are unable to pick and the deaths and injured even though they receive reports from the attack places by the people who see it. In other word, the attackers do not leave any further evidence.
When the community leaders exam the death bodies and injured men, the similarities are founded. The attackers use knives and sharp-iron-home-make-weapons and attack by groups and cut the throats and stabbed from the back and front of bodies of the victims.
After receiving reports and interviews from the community leaders who help the victims, it is motivated and long term plan of violence targeting to the Myanmar citizens. If it may go on longer times and Malaysian authority cannot catch up the criminal and prosecute them accordance with the laws, uncertainty and fear of Myanmar workers in Malaysia will definitely affect to international and bi-literal relationship. Therefore, it is an urgency of Malaysian authority to effectively and immediately investigate the crimes and ensure safety of Myanmar citizens, accordance with the ASEAN treaties.

Conflicting Theories:

Some Malaysian Newspapers and TV stations covered that unrest between Myanmar citizens are taken places in Malaysia. They violently attack each other, affected by the recent unrests between the Buddhist and the Muslim in Myanmar. But Myanmar community leaders believed that a group of professional killers and organized crime group coordinately and randomly attacking Myanmar citizens. The killed and injured men are Buddhists and Christians. They believe that it must be a group of international terrorists who are supported by wealthy business people and international crime groups.

Setting up Myanmar Nationalistic Social Network Committee

Myanmar Funeral Services, Religious Surroundings, Social Network and Opposition political groups in Malaysia have set up Myanmar Nationalistic Social Network Committee according to state of emergency for any Myanmar citizen or Myanmar people in Malaysia. The Committee will be automatically dissolved only when the scenes of incidents reaches to normal state.



• Given the fact that Malaysia Police cannot stop the murder cases and cannot find out the culprits or the murders yet and Rapid Police Response comes to delay after crime or incidents occurred even 3 absconders from law, resent police report in Malaysia media yesterday on June 11, 2013, has misled the situation, it should be assumed as Cross-border International offenses as well as International extremist terrorists. Thus INTERPO settles Myanmar slaughter cases as medium between Myanmar and Malaysia

To Malaysian Authority

• Immediately investigate criminals and prosecute accordance with the laws
• Ensure safety of Myanmar citizens in Malaysia

To Myanmar Embassy

• Open hot-line channel between Myanmar authority and Malaysian law enforcement agencies and assist the victims and investigates the attacks
• Meet community leaders to discuss to give necessary assistances for the funeral services, victims, and injured.
• The Myanmar Embassy should meet the detainees who are recently arrested by the Malaysian authorities
• Assist the citizens who are willing to go back to Myanmar by issuing temporary travel documents and air tickets
• Meet the victim and conduct financial and moral supports


• Meet the victims who are fear of the violent attacks and cannot go back to Myanmar who are fear of persecution because they have political, social, and ethnicity difference 
• Assist the victims who have been taking shelters at residences and temple Form a joint investigation unit with the Myanmar authority and Malaysian law enforcement agencies and investigate the crimes 
• Register the victims who cannot go back to Myanmar because of fear of persecution 


Myanmar Nationalistic Social Network Committee has declared that funds raised donated by Myanmar Society in land and oversea are totally no concerned with this committee in advance.

List of Killed and Injured Myanmar Citizens:

No. Name Parents Age Sex Birth Pace Date of Killed Date of Injured Place of Attacks or Death Description
Passport No.
1. Min Zaw M May 30
2. Win Khine M 31 May
3. Win Hlaing * M West Okkala, Yangan 2 June At 12 PM on 2 June, some Malay speaking people nock the door in Chara. Then the residents opened the doors. The attackers attempted killed one of the men but he defended. Thus the attackers could not enter into the resident. After Win Hlaing saw the attack, he ran out of the resident. The attackers followed him. In the morning Win Haling body was found death near the resident.
4. Saw Bur Blu Gay** U Saw Hla Sein and Daw Naw Say Phoe 20 M Ngapu Daw, Irrawaddy Division 8 June at 1 PM Selayang Hospital, Ward No. 4 B MA 004462
5. Win Maw Thein ** 36 M Kyaut Taw, Rakhine State 30 May Selayang Tun Maw Thein was attacked by a group of people while coming back from the work to the home. He was stabbed by knives from the back and front for several times. He was taken to ICU at Selayang Hospital and later died.
6. Aung Win*** U nay Win and Daw Khine Mya 30 M Mawlaming, Mon State 29 May At 2.30 AM, a group of men with knives attacked him. He was seriously injured and still in hospital.

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