5 suspects who have been accused of killing a nephew of Shan MP escaped with weapons


It is reported that 5 suspects who have been accused of killing a nephew of Shan MP managed to escape from the Muse district justice court, a town on Sino-Burma border.

“The incident took place at 4.30 pm local time, when the 5 suspects were transported to the district court from the prison. Escaping by snatching the rifles from the police escorts and shooting at them. One of the policemen on duty fired back, but missed the suspects and directly hit one of the policemen, who was standing guard, he died on the spot while 2 other sustained injuries. Three of the suspects managed to escape with 2 weapons,” said a person who is familiar with the local police.


The 5 suspects aree (Liphan), Ai Sam, Ar Jee, and 2 Chinese Muslim (Panhsay), the drug dealers, who have been accused for killing the nephew of a Shan MP from Shan Nationalities for Democratic Party (SNLD). Now 2 of them have been re-arrested but it is not yet known who they are.

In response to the escaped suspects: “It is very dangerous for our children that the suspects are on the run with weapons. Sai Ai Ling, my son was with his friend who died in the incident. What we can do if the gangs (the suspects on the run) come to kill my son,” worried a mother of a plaintiff from Namkham.

The young men who w ere involved in the incident that killed their friend should have been provided with security by the authorities, one of the parents told SHAN.


“How could the suspects act against the police with their hands locked up with handcuffs. I cannot understand how they could escape. Why were the parents of the plaintiffs not informed when the judge ordered the suspects to appear in court,” complained the accuser’s parents.

“The court previously wanted the case to be transferred to Lashio due to security concerns in Muse. But, we have appealed for the court not to transfer the case because we cannot afford it.” On 29 May, the appeal was considered, the courts final decision being that the case will be handled by the Muse district court. There has been 4 trials so far at the Muse district court. It poses the question as to why the court has not settled the case, although all the witnesses have been produced,” said a relative of Sai Ai Ling who was killed.

It has also been reported that people from Muse and Namkham, the 2 towns on Sino-Chinese border, are fearful that 3 of the suspects are still running loose with weapons.

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