MALAYSIA: Cops pick up more than 1,000 Myanmarese as clashes spill over to KL-VIDEO

PETALING JAYA: Religious clashes in Myanmar have spilled over to Kuala Lumpur and more than 1,000 of the country’s nationals have been picked up by the police to avert further trouble.

Seven clashes have been reported involving Myanmar nationals in Kuala Lumpur and some parts of Selangor, between May 30 and June 4, said Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm DATUK AMAR SINGH 

The Myanmar nationals were picked up so that police could perform checks on the validity of their documents in a joint operation with Immigration Department and the UNHCR.

“So far, two Myanmar nationals have been killed, two others are in critical condition while others were also injured,” SAC Amar said Wednesday.

SAC Amar said the clashes were linked to the riots occurring in Myanmar.

“We have taken steps to prevent further bloodshed by detaining more than 1,000 Myanmar workers, mainly in Sentul, Brickfields, Dang Wangi and Cheras,” he said.

He said the task force had also met with leaders of the two main groups of Myanmar nationals in the country.

In Myanmar, the worsening unrest has seen many citizens, mostly Rohingya Muslims, killed.

The government of Myanmar has issued an Aide Memoire to the Malaysian Ambassador on Tuesday urging them to investigate recent attacks made on Myanmar citizens according to local media.

Three Myanmar nationals were killed in Selayang District, Malaysia on the 30th and 31st of May and on the 3rd of June in separate incidents and five more were hospitalized. Many more living in this District no longer go to work as they fear for their lives and are now taking shelter in the Kapong monastery.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zin Yaw met Malaysian Ambassador to Myanmar, Dr.Ahmad Faisal Bin Muhamad to discuss the attacks made on Myanmar citizens working and residing in Malaysia, according to state-owned Myanmar Radio and Television.

The Aide Memoire urged the immediate investigation of attacks made to Myanmar citizens and requested immediate legal action to be taken on those found responsible.

Moreover, it also calls upon the Malaysian authorities to give adequate protection for the safety of Myanmar citizens and to ensure that attacks resulting in physical injuries, loss of life and property do not occur in the future.


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