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Myrauk-U locals object to MSF clinics for Bengali patients

June 4, 2013


Residents of Myrauk-U Township in Rakhine State have objected  to plans by the Holland-based Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to open clinics for Bengali patients.

MSF Director Richard Kinder held a meeting with township administrator Ye Win, officials of other governmental departments, town elders and members of social organisations at Myrauk-U General Administration Office on the 29th of May.

During the meeting, Mr. Kinder sought approval from local authorities to open clinics in Myrauk-U town and Shantaung village and the use of jetty to transfer the Bengali patients from the villages to Myrauk-U town.

The local people refused the request of the MSF Director and objected to the move, according to Aung Soe Myint who attended the meeting.

The MSF coordinator demanded that the jetty was needed to carry patients according to work procedures. But the local people objected to this due to fears that the Bengalis would go in and out the town wards. MSF started running clinics in the town five months ago, said Aung Soe Myint.

Despite objections to MSF’s running of clinics, the MSF is currently the only organisation providing medical aid to Bengali patients in the area.


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