The Arakan Army is Ready to Stand in the Motherland

10.may 2013 CREDIT phophtawnew

In a recent meeting with President U Thein Sein, Arakan Army (AA) leaders welcomed the request made by the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) to

welcomed the request made by the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) to have the AA permanently reside in Rakhine land.  The news was reported by AA’s Chief of Staff, Brigadier Tun Myat Naing.

“This is a demand made by the Rakhine people and the RNDP is merely trying to follow through; it needs for the AA to settle down. This is part of the agreement the RNDP made with the government after discussing the political issue. The AA is ready to protect the Rakhine people,” he said.


In the May 5th meeting, held in the capital city of Naypyitaw, the RNDP petitioned the president and the political parties to assist the AA in ‘settling down’ in the Rakhine State border area.

Currently based in Kachin State, the AA is part of the Rakhine Army group – which is equipped with about 2000 forces. The AA was established on April 10th of 2009, with the objective of assisting in the Rakhine people in obtaining self-administration and self-determination.

The RNDP is a party which works to support Myanmar’s Rakhine people. It last held party elections in 2010.

Reported in the May 8th issue of the Myanmar Post, the RNDP’s chairman U Aye Maung requested the government and the AA discuss the convenience of the relocation arrangement as well as the expectations and the feasibility of meeting the demands of the Rakhine people.

The Arakan Army is in full support of the RNDP’s request for the AA to reside in Rakhine State.

“We are receptive to the RNDP’s demand and will have to live in Kachin State according to the stipulations. With permission from the government, the AA will settle down in Rakhine State only,” said Brigadier Tun Myat Naing..

The Arakan Army has not provisionally decided whether they will serve under the Rakhine Party.


2.JUNE 2013

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