Kayin forms Unity Committee for ethnic Kayin armed groups

2.June 2013 credit emg


Kayin formed the Unity Committee for ethnic Kayin armed groups with the purpose of avoiding skirmishes among them and seeking a peaceful solution in case of conflicts.

The move came from the meeting of ethnic Kayin armed groups held at the headquarters of Karen National Union (KNU) on May 28.

The ethnic Kayin armed groups included the KNU, the KNU, the BGF, the DKBA, the KPF and the Phayagyigone peace organization.

The unity committee was formed with 17 members—three from the KNU led by General Johny, three from the KNU/KNLA (PC) by Brigadier-General Yin Nu, three from the BGF by Colonel Saw Chit, three from the DKBA by Brigadier-General Kyaw Thet, three from the KPF by Major Phartadar and two from the Phayagyigone peace organization by Phado Saw Myint Than.

The committee is aimed at seeking a peaceful solution instead of arm in the face of clashes among the Kayin armed groups and combating nartotic drugs spreading in the Kayin State.

The committee will hold a press conference in the near future.

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