RIOTS AND FAKE NEWS:I would like to share some experience in Myanmar.SAW DAVID


No need to blood shed on retaliation
I would like to share some experience in Myanmar.
In every riots there will be casualties on both side. And bengaliars spread fake news about genocide & ethnic cleansing. If we move head on to them, the bad things is out weight over good.

As we are law abiding citizen we don’t need to harm any one. So the most effective way is to choke funding flow to our opponent.
Every portion of profit from Muslim own businesses goes to build more mosques and some use to make bomb.

In Myanmar, after riots we cast social sanctions to avoid business dealing with Bengali and their sympathizers to ensure our money not become a funding to make a bomb to kill our beloved ones.
With sinking revenue Bengali sympathizers’ capabilities become paralyze.

The most important thing is to cast persistently. And update a news about Muslim owned businesses and products to all members near new castle. E.g. boycotts Manchester city club owns by emirates.
Jihad is on our door step, no matter where we live. Islamic extremist are spreading in the world no matter they are majority or minority in certain areas.
Stop buying & save our future.
God bless the Queen & the country

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