Kayin(Karen) Unity and Peace Council to act as mediator in negotiation among Kayin’s (Karen,s)armed groups

22.MAY 2013 EMG

The Kayin Unity and Peace Council will act as a mediator the peace negotiation various Kayin’s armed groups with the hope of achieving national reconciliation, Man Aung Pyi Soe of Phalon Sawaw Democratic Party said.


The agreement came from the round table of discussion of all Kayin political forces held at Hope International Office  Kayin Unity and Peace Council in Yangon on May 18 and May 19.

In the past, skirmishes among Kayin armed groups broke out. We all sought the solution so as to secure reconciliation among the armed groups. We agree that Kayin Unity and Peace Council would act as mediator in the negotiation for reconciliation, Man Aung Pyi Soe said.

Kayin affairs meeting was held on April 29 and April 30 in Hpa-an in Kayin State, organized by Kayin Unity and Peace Council. The council consists of 37 members from members of parliament, political parties, armed groups and groups for arms for peace.

The skirmishes among the Border Guard Force (BGF) formed with former Democratic Buddhist Army (DKBA) members and the DKBA allied forces on April 27 and April 28.

After increased tension over the skirmishes in Kayin State, officials of Myanmar Peace Center held discussions with Kayin armed groups.

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