KNU is determined to take part in an election if permanent peace is achieved before 2015.

credit emg 17.may 2013

KNU is determined to take part in an election if permanent peace is achieved before 2015, central committee member Saw Hla Tun said on May 14.

“The government and the KNU have reached just a certain stage of ceasefire. After that stage, we will lead to further strengthen the ceasefire. We will continue to try to build trust for political dialogue. Both sides need to follow disciplines as agreed to be able to build trust,” the central committee member said.

The state level ceasefire talks have been held in Hpa-an and the union level talks in Yangon and Bago Regions. Moreover, plans are underway to continue holding further ceasefire talks.

The further ceasefire talks are likely to be held during this month. The troops of the both sides need to stick to the disciplines as earlier agreed. The ceasefire talks are aimed at bringing about the political dialogue.

“We were coerced into negotiating the peace in the past. Now, the current peace process is a different matter. We will try to achieve success in the political dialogue. We don’t want war anymore because it causes destruction. We all need to try to restore eternal peace in the country, in-charge Saw Thamein Tun of KNU New Generation Rehabilitation Development said.

Under the Panglong Agreement, the ethnics need to achieve equal rights. Our demand for federal is not because for secession from the union but because for equal privileges, joint-secretary Gay Gaw Yi of Kayan New Land Party said.

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