Temporary border pass issued in Htikhi border trade checkpoint

An official issuing temporary border passes at Htikhi border trade checkpoint (Photo - EMG)
An official issuing temporary border passes at Htikhi border trade checkpoint (Photo – EMG)


Htikhi border trade checkpoint, which is located in Mittar Township, Dawei district, Tanintaryi region, opened on May 11 and the outpost is issuing Temporary Border Pass (TBP) with one stop service system, Aung Min Oo, in-charge of the border trade checkpoint (La-Wa-Ka) said.

The government has allowed TBP for locals and they will continue to do for the locals to have border pass (BP).

“We issue TBP today. TBP is a pass for crossing border to all Myanmar citizens. The pass will cost 1,000 K and need to bring copy and original national registration card called NRC. The document is one-time used and has valid to 6 nights and 7 days. The BP is intended for locals from Dawei. The applicants have to bring original and copy documents such as family registration certificates, NRCs and three passport sized photos. The BP is valid to 2 years. The BP holders are allowed to stay 13 nights and 14 days for one time. They don’t issue both certificates for children under 12 year old age and they will include in their parent’s certificates. The books will cost 500 K and the applicants have to pay 300 K per border cross,” he said.

Thailand has allowed Myanmar citizens’ using BP and TBP to enter Thailand and Myanmar reciprocated the process. Other citizens are needed to show passports to enter Myanmar from border. The charges are 300 K for Myanmar BP (exit) to Thailand, 500 K for Myanmar TBP (exit) to Thailand, Thailand (TP/TBP) 30 Baht to Myanmar, Tourist visa 20 US$ and business visa 36 US$ respectively.

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