Myanmar:Fifty-eight Bengalis missing as motorboat carrying refugees capsizes

credit EMG 15.MAY

A boat carrying nearly sixty Bengali refugees capsized as it was being pulled by a motorboat manned by government officials.

The move was to protect the refugees from cyclone Mahasen by relocating them from Pauktaw Village to Sintatmaw Village. Six other motorboats made it to the destination safely.

The capsized boat clashed with a rock near at the confluence of Kalaton river and Kyaeku river.

Forty-two Bengalis from the capsized boat were saved and sent to the police station of Pauktaw Township.

Rescued teams were conducted search and rescue of the missing Bengalis.

Refugees from two IDP camps located in Kyautphy Township are safely moved to the temporary camps in Kanyintaw village on May 12.

Refugees from the area that cyclone can hit are safely moved to the monasteries, schools and IDP camps away from the weather forecasts.

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