WAR: Burma army goes to war against Shan on Sino-Burmese border

THURSDAY, 09 MAY 2013 13:53 KP

It is reported that today early morning Burma Army launched an attack against Shan bases on the Mao (Shweli) valley on the Sino-Burmese border, resulting in local people over 800 to flee for their safety across the border, said local news sources.

“We did not start the fight. Units of Burma army which are involved in today’s fighting are under the direct command of the Military Operations Command (MOC) #16 based in Namkham. They [Burma army units] are advancing towards areas under our control from 6 directions. Now the fight is still going on. We suffered one death. We have seen 11 Burma army soldiers dead bodies. Some of them have been captured alive by our troops,” said Shan State Army (SSA) Task Force commander Lt-Col Zawm Mong, speaking from the frontline.

At the time of this writing (11:00), 6 Burma Army soldiers are reportedly hospitalized at Namkham General Hospital. News have spread in the town that the hospital is in need of blood urgently, said a local from Namkham. It is also reported that Panhsay militia group is helping to transport the injured Burma Army soldiers.

2 militia groups: Panhsay militia and Namkham Myoma militia, led by U Law Sam are likely to help the Burma Army in fighting with the SSA, according to Kawli News report.

At dawn 4.00 am today, units of Burma army under the control of MOC #16, 400-strong, crossed the Mao (Ruili River) by boats to attack the SSA Task Force 701 base. The Burma Army also fired heavy weapons continuously from Manhawng crossing many of which landed in Chinese soil. The attack forced the people to flee for their safety in Chinese side.

Due to the fight between SSA and Burma army, people from Wan Tahur in Nawng Ma tract, Ho Hsai, Wan Kawn villages fled to Nawng Tao area in Chinese side, said Ai Yee Long, a chief administrator of village.

“In response to the fight between SSA and Burma army, China Army also reportedly has deployed its soldiers on their side, as refugees are fleeing to China. Most of the local people living on both sides of the border are Shan. They are currently taking refuge in their relatives’ homes,” reported local news sources.

The latest clashes broke out after 4 men from the military disguised as portrait photo sellers went missing in the fourth week of April, said some local people.

Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) is one of the ethnic armed groups that signed ceasefire agreement with Myanmar government for peace talks in December 2011.

Burma army goes to war against Shan on Sino-Burmese border

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