Recap on those “poor innocent” (and illegal) Rohingya Muslims in Burma/Myanmar who Obama and the EU want to be protected from “persecution”. That’s like protecting the Taliban from the “persecution” of the U.S. and British Armed Forces.
And what is more absurd – and which is why we will NEVER again make a single donation to any human rights charity, – is that The Human Rights Watch is accusing Burma, yes Burma, for attempted genocide of the Rohingyas! We couldn’t make this up. Why don’t they accuse the Jews for genocide of Nazi’s while they are at it?
Can you imagine if illegal terrorists did another 9/11, Boston bombing, Madrid bombing, London bombing, child-sex grooming, Scandinavian rape waves and what not in the U.S. or across Europe and the government would be blocked to take action to end it all? Can you imagine if world ‘leaders’ would object to any military action to protect the people of the countries and even put sanctions on you for protecting yourself? That is exactly what has been done to Burma. That is the reality of Burma today.
Fact is the Rohingya’s need to leave on a one-way banana boat back to their country of origin: Bangladesh. And if they don’t, well, the Burmese Army has all the right in the world to take the harsh actions they have and nuke every one of them until the disease of Islam leaves their land. At present the emir of Qatar has funded and shipped 3,500 terrorists from Tunisia to Burma to slaughter more Buddhists in revenge for Burma’s attempt to protect itself from becoming Islamisized, and be forcefully converted by endless brutality and violence.
The nation’s Buddhist majority — comprising 60 percent of the population —is benefiting from the country’s progression toward democracy while the nation’s illegal Muslim “refugee” population is constantly trying to drag them back to the middle ages.
A bit of context: A recent Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees report estimates that 800,000 Rohingya still reside in Burma, with an additional 400,000 “refugees” in neighboring Bangladesh, and 200,000+ across Pakistan, Thailand and Malaysia.
To avoid a permanent hold in the country the Rohingya are denied Burmese citizenship, under the country’s 1982 Citizenship Act. The government limit their access to many rights in the country to block them from gaining influence and islamize the nation and encourage them to return to their countries of origin – or get refugee in another Islamic country instead.
Speaking of his refugee policy, Burmese President Thein Sein noted, “We will send them away if any third country would accept them.”
The persecution of Buddhists started in Bangladesh a long time ago, and has merely been exported to Burma. The exact same method used in Palestine by illegal Muslims occupying land is used by Muslims in countries across the globe: illegal mass immigration leading to rapid population growth, which in turn lead to the usual Quranic growing violence, persecution of locals, rape, threats, efforts to islamize society.


A gang of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim settlers rob, rape and murder a Arakanese Buddhist girl in Myanmar, and when police arrest the Muslim culprits, they launch “Jihad riots” after Friday prayer, attacking, killing, burning….

7 person killed, and 494 houses, 19 shops and a guest house were burned down. Dusk-to-dawn curfew has been applied and public gatherings of more than five people banned. It also says that on June 3, a mob, angered by girl’s rape and murder, attacked a bus carrying Muslims from a religious gathering, killing 10 of them. This lead to latest riotings, killings, burnings and destructions by Muslims.



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