Rakhine report likely to be publicized on April 23

22.APRIL 2013 EMG

Rakhine Issue Investigation Commission will possibly publicize the final report on Rakhine conflicts on April 23, said Than Than Nu, the secretary for Democratic Party (Myanmar) lately. She is also a commission member.

“The commission office informed us about it. But it’s not still that sure,” she added.

The report which includes recommendations to prevent further violence in the Rakhine will be made public [to a degree] after having it submitted to the President.

“It includes recommendations long-term and short-term to prevent further violence from taking place in the state. Government authorities are responsible for what to do next in accordance with the recommendations. They will investigate whether there is any illegal immigrant in the state and make reconciliation efforts among local communities. The main task of the commission is only to advise,” she added.

The commission members have no right to speak about the report in detail, she said.

“The report is prepared at best not to be biased.”

The commission recently released a statement saying it could not meet March 31 deadline even though the report was complete, and the report addresses the long-term social and economic development needs of the people living in the state, and included information and recommendations that went beyond the boundaries of the Rakhine State, and the information and recommendations were included to make the report more practical.

The deadly communal violence which started on June 8 last year in the state had displaced tens of thousands of people, killing 50 people and injuring 54 people. It also destroyed 2230 houses and 14 religious buildings, according to official figures from President’s office.

And another violence which was occurred again in last October killed 89 people and injured 136, destroying 5151 houses to displace 32231 people in the state, according to official figures released on October 31 by the office.

The commission was set up on August 17 last year by the President’s office with 27 members to investigate the deadly communal clashes that began in the state in June last year.

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