Human Rights Watch Report 2013 on Burma regarding recent communal violence in Arakan state is not credible and biased. We totally reject the term using “Ethnic Cleansing” by Human Rights Watch Report author Matthew Smith. We warn Human Rights Watch that they will be held accountable for any further consequences for their irresponsible comment on this particular matter. We call for Burmese government, ethnic leaders, student leaders, religious leaders and opposition leaders as well as all the Burmese citizens to challenge the Human Rights Watch Report 2013 regarding Arakan conflict and its author Matthew Smith regarding the term using “Ethnic Cleansing” relating to Arakan conflict.

HRW should maintain their standards regarding reports. Rakhine conflicts is nothing to do with Meithtila conflicts, so as other ethnic issues. They should maintain their standards on analysing each and every cases not by drawing assumptions and concluding with bias reports.

They should look into details of the root causes of each and every conflicts. We don’t want our country falling aparts. Our country is in fragile position and we believe that the international community should help us move forward not by stiring the conditions, arousing hatred and spread the reports which will make others believe to take part against the country as a whole.

As clearly stated in State Department country report, “Rohingya do not dispute their origins from present day East Bengal”, we believed that it has been clarified that they are not indegenous people of Burma. Also the incidents happened in Rakhine state is communal violence and not religiously perpetrated. Inserting and labelling the religious context in the rakhine communal violence conflicts is inappropriate. This is like intentionally drawing attentions from religious extremists around the world and so far our country had been threatened by several terrorists groups. 

We, Burmese people want to stay peacefully getting out of isolations which we had suffered for decades and urge the international communities to help us out from these bombarded news and reports arousing hatred on both sides.


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