CASE Type Criminal Prosecution: Natural Fruit Company Ltd.-ANDY HALL

Black Case Number: A 517/2556 Case Type Criminal Prosecution: Natural Fruit Company Ltd.

Defendant: Mr Andy Hall

Case Claims: Defamation, Computer Crimes Act Date of Case Submission: 04/02/2556

Case Summary: Between 15th January 2013 and 21st January 2013, continuously throughout the day and night, the defendant had the audacity to recall and publically disseminate the results of his research which he claimed to have recieved from interviewing workers of the prosecutor. In addition, the defendant discussed and expanded on his research in the presence of many members of the public and media. As a result, media used the research findings that the defendant had disseminated and printed these findings on three websites and other websites. The research findings made allegations of human rights and labour rights violations including employment of child labourers under 15 years of age, employment of labourers for less than the legal minimum wage, refusal to allow workers days off and bonuses in line with the law. In addition, Myanmar workers claimed that their passports were unlawfully confiscated by the prosecutor. All of this information is false. The result of this dissemination of false information by the defendant has resulted in significant loss of reputation for the prosecutor who has been loathed and looked down upon by the public and overseas persons who recieved knowledge of the defendant’s claims, including via computer. The alleged acts took place in every district and every area of Bangkok. The prosecution requests that the defendant is punished in accordance with the Criminal Code sections 326, 328 and 332 and the Computer Crimes Act 2007 sections 3 and 4.

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