• 3rd hearing in malicious criminal defamation case against me by Natural Fruit is 9am on May 7th 2013. All welcome to observe the show:)

update court 11 april by andy hall:

Stating again on the record, I will not attend court to defend a malicious criminal defamation case until I am legally obliged to do so.

Imp: informed by senior diplomat investigation Thai violating UN Principles on Civil Human Rights applying criminal penalties for defamation

My Local MP requests Foreign Office for UK government position on Natural Fruit criminal/civil prosecution against me

11th april 1pm bkk south criminal court 2nd hearing into natural fruit criminal defamation/computer crimes act prosecution against me


ANDY HALL with Ambassador Mark Kent at the UK Embassy in BKK
ANDY HALL with Ambassador Mark Kent at the UK Embassy in BKK

Just finished productive meeting with British Ambassador Mark Kent @ british embassy bangkok regarding natural fruit prosecution against me. In meeting with British Ambassador, made clear I will not negotiate with Natural Fruit until they drop the malicious law suits against me. Also requested UK Embassy through EU FTA to urgently review trade relations with Thailand given systematic abuse/trafficking of migrants. Finally, made clear suspicions despite Thai gov apparent position prosecution more than private suit by private company against an individual. It is also politically motivated involving one or more prominent politician in Thailand and the government are not doing enough to improve standards at natural fruit and get the malicious case dropped. British Ambassador made clear the Embassy and wider EU’s support and commitment to my personal safety and my decade’s work for migrants in Thailand.

HRW on Andy Hall’s case “The Thai government should welcome efforts to protect migrant worker’s rights, not penalize them.”

(New York) – Criminal defamation charges against a prominent labor activist violate his right to free speech and will have a chilling effect on investigations of alleged rights abuses by companies in Thailand. Proceedings in the case, brought by a fruit processing company before the South Bangkok criminal court, are scheduled for April 11, 2013.


European Commission questioned on Free trade agreement with Thailand and child labour in the canning industry

Subject:  Free trade agreement with Thailand and child labour in the canning industry
Negotiations have recently begun for a free trade agreement between the EU and Thailand, the third largest EU trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), with bilateral trade of more than EUR 30 billion (EU exports of EUR 14.8 billion and imports of EUR 16.9 billion). The EU is the main international investor in this country.Several weeks ago, the Finnish organisation Finnwatch reported on the practice of child labour and labour abuses in two of the main tinned tuna factories in Thailand that supply the EU and US markets (Unicord and Thai Union Manufacturing).1. Can the Commission state whether it is aware of these reports of child labour and labour abuses in the Thai canning industry?2. What controls are there to prevent products produced without respecting the fundamental rights from gaining access to the European and international market?3. What new guarantees does the Commission plan to introduce in the new free trade agreement to ensure fair competition and prevent unfair competition?

With regard to the strictly trade-related content of the agreement, will the Commission prevent tariff and non-tariff conditions for the tinned tuna trade from unjustifiably damaging the European sector?

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