The training is four months long where there were 82 Arakanese solders including three females participating. The basic military training gave instruction in the use of guns and military equipment, guerrilla tactics, basic political concept including Arakanese nationalist movement and military discipline.


Arakan army held a closing ceremony  on the day after the training concluded. A number of high raking military officials from the KIA, Arakan army and northern Alliance forces that a combination of some ethnic armed forces including KIO and Arakan army attended the ceremony.

Arakan army deputy chief colonel Dr Nyo Tun Aung also attended the closing ceremony where he delivered a speech.

Replying to Narinjara, colonel Nyo Tun Aung said that the basic military training is needed for all soldiers if they want to be good fighters. Every one of our comrades needs to understand the concept of the military, especially guerrilla welfare.

The Arakan army’s basic military training has reached 11 batches in KIO controlled area since the Arakan army was formed in the area of the KIO in 2008.

However Colonel Nyo Tun Aung did not divulge the numbers of soldiers in the Arakan army due to security concerns. Many people believe that nearly 1000 soldiers are serving in Arakan army currently.

Narinjara asked another question to Colonel Nyo Tun aung if there is any plan by the Arakan army to move to Arakan state from KIO area in the near future to fight Burmese troops from Arakan state.

Colonel Nyo Tun Aung replied on this question that it is very hard to know timing of exact movements to Arakan adding that they have bitter experience from previously moving to Arakan from Kachin state, so it is a little difficult to tell.

Arakan Army is only an armed group, not a political party fighting against the government for freedom of Arakanese people. Arakan army is one ethnic armed group that does not have a ceasefire with the present government.

The newly form Arakan army is not related to the former Arakan army led by Khaing Raza who was assassinated by the Indian army.

Arakan Army was formed by the young Arakanese generation in KIO controlled area in 2008 to struggle for equal rights and self determination in Burma. They are fighting against Burma army along with the KIA in Kachin state.

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