Myanmar Islam association says riots are not motivated by religion

28.march 2013 EMG

Ongoing riots in Myanmar are not conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims but are intentionally planned by a certain group of perpetrators, according to a statement released by the All Myanmar Islam Association on Tuesday.

The six-point statement said that the religious issue has been exaggerated into the main issue for the conflict. Riots are intentionally created by the ill-will of perpetrators who want to damage the peace and tranquility of the state, the statement said without naming the perpetrators.

The statement also said the people who want to live peacefully are opposed to the riots.
The statement blames authorities, saying they have poorly handled the riots in which lives and property of Muslims were lost or destroyed.

The association also called on the government to take immediate action against any person or organisation that had a hand in the rioting, in accordance with the law.

The Islam Association expressed thanks to the monks, Buddhist laypeople, Christians and Hindus who helped and guarded Muslim people during the crisis without showing discrimination.

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