Mekong River anti-drug campaign starts April

china news 28.march 2013

China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand announced Thursday that they will conduct a two-month joint campaign against drug-related crimes on the Mekong River starting April 20.

Representatives from the four nations attended a launch event held in Beijing on Thursday.

With the upcoming joint campaign, law enforcers will aim to crack a series of major cases of trans-region drug-related crimes, break major narcotics production chains and transport networks, and hunt drug-related fugitives.

The four nations also intend to improve mutual trust and boost trans-region capabilities in fighting drug-related crimes.

Though the overall security situation on the Mekong River has improved, narcotics crimes continue to rage there partly due to the regions lagging in terms of economic and social development, according to the representatives.

Strengthening the fight against drugs on the river is necessary for ensuring the safety of this major trading route in Southeast Asia, they said.

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