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March 21, 2013
Burma/myanmar heute- Land mit ungewisser Zukunft?

Seit 2 Jahren erleben die BurmesInnen eine schrittweise Öffnung ihres Landes; politische Gefangene wurden freigelassen, Aung San Suu Kyi ins Parlament gewählt. In der Weltpresse wird euphorisch von Demokratie in Myanmar gesprochen, der Tourismus boomt und ausländische Investoren werden angelockt.

Andererseits existieren zahlreiche Probleme weiter: Der Krieg und die Verfolgung gegen Minderheiten (z.B. gegen die Kachin im Nordosten des Landes oder gegen die muslimischen Rohingyia) geht mit aller Härte weiter. Es gibt weiterhin ca. 250 politische Gefangene und die grosse Mehrheit der VolksvertreterInnen wird vom Militär bestimmt. Die (demokratische) Zukunft Myanmars ist nach wie vor ungewiss.

Wir freuen uns, Sie zu einer Info- Veranstaltung einladen zu dürfen:
– Kurze Einführung zur Menschenrechtssituation in Burma/Myanmar: Walter Ebnöther und Martina Peitz (Myanmar-Länderkoordinatorinnen von Amnesty International Schweiz)
– Filmvorführung: ‚Little Burma – Monks in Exile’ von Claude Schauli. Dieser englischsprachige Dokumentarfilm schildert eindrücklich die Situation im thailändischen Grenzdorf Mae Sot, in dem unzählige BurmesInnen – politisch Verfolgte, Angehörige ethnischer Minderheiten, Arbeitssuchende, Mönche – oft nach riskanten Grenzüberschreitungen Zuflucht gefunden haben und er bietet zugleich einen Einblick in die burmesischen Verhältnisse und über die Rolle der Mönche (ca 50 Min., Einführung auf Deutsch)
– Fragen aus dem Publikum an den im Exil lebenden und im Film zur Sprache kommenden burmesischen Mönch Ashin Kovida, der persönlich anwesend sein wird

Datum: 7. April, 19 Uhr 30
Ort: Volkshaus Zürich, Blauer Saal
Eintritt: 5 Sfr (Solidaritätsbeitrag zur Unterstützung von Hilfsprojekten)

OrganisatorInnen: Südostasien-China-Gruppe der Lokalgruppe Zürich, Amnesty International Schweiz

current situation on discussion

for western “experts”  rohingya are no national race in Burma Myanmar –

“We would like Quintana to realise that national security and interests are important to a country,” he said. “Settling the case of those invading Myanmar via its border cannot be decided only through the democratic and human rights point of views. If you focus only on human rights, terrorists might enter our country,”

Rakhine National Congress chairman Tin Htoo Aung also said that Quintana had failed to consider national security. “We would like Quintana to realise that national security and interests are important to a country,” he said. “Settling the case of those invading Myanmar via its border cannot be decided only through the democratic and human rights point of views. If you focus only on human rights, terrorists might enter our country,” he added.
Mya Aye, a democracy activist and member of the 88 Generation Students Group, said Myanmar’s location between two superpowers was factored into the drafting of the legislation.
Rakhine National Affairs Minister Zaw Aye Maung said Quintana had overstepped the boundaries of his mission. “He is an envoy of the United Nations and will have to work only on UN functions. He is unauthorised to talk about amendments to the law of any country,” the minister said.


   Monday, 18 March 2013   A plan to build 5000 homes for displaced members of the Rohingya community in Rakhine State has sparked a series of demonstrations. Protesters say the plan, which has been proposed by the Turkish NGO TIKA, could allow the Rohingya to own land in disputed areas.

Thousands of people defied police warnings to take to the streets in Sittwe, Kyauktaw and Mrauk-Oo on March 7 to voice discontent. Two activists were arrested, but released the same evening.

Last year, hundreds of people were killed and more than 100,000 displaced in outbreaks of violence between Buddhist and Muslim communities in Rakhine State.

U Kyaw Zaw, who led about 10,000 demonstrators in Sittwe, told The Myanmar Times: “Half the 4959 houses to be donated will be built in Pauktaw and the rest in six townships in Rakhine State. In Sittwe, 500 big huts will be built as well. The huts don’t matter, but if houses are built, land ownership issues will ensue. It would constitute giving them plots of land without scrutinising their citizenship. That is why we object.”

U Kyaw Zaw said Sittwe township police had turned down their application to demonstrate, so they submitted it to the state government, which had summoned them to answer questions, he said.

“The state government doesn’t handle matters relating to permission to build 5000 separate houses but the Ministry of Progress of Border Areas and National Races does, they say. However they didn’t deny officially that they had accepted the offer. They threatened us with legal action if we demonstrated.”

But demonstrations took place in the three townships to demand the enforcement of the 1982 citizenship law. On March 7, activists Kyaw Zaw Oo and Daw Nyo Aye were arrested, but were released on bail within hours, said U Kyaw Zaw Oo.

Translated by Thit Lwin

 Iran to assist Burmese Muslims ( Burmese Muslims are Myanmar Citizen),NO ROHINGYAS
Iran’s outreach to the Rohingya, however, should concern Western policymakers. The delegation described in the excerpted article includes the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (IKRC). At first glance, the IKRC appears to be a legitimate aid organization: it provides food, fuel, and assistance for the disabled, elderly, and orphans in a number of countries.
Seldom do organizations such as the IKRC offer assistance and then leave. That Iran’s outreach to Burma’s Muslims coincides with a renewed American and, more broadly, Western diplomatic and commercial engagement there might also have security implications should Iranian authorities use charities they control to exploit and radicalize displaced persons as they have in Lebanon.
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