Since Yesterday (15.)Burma army shell heavy artilleries at RCSS/SSA Homong bases

TUESDAY, 19 MARCH 2013 10:11 KP

By KP, unedited

Since yesterday (March 15) Burma Army were shelling heavy artilleries targeting at Loi Naga mountain ranges, where Shan State Army Homong bases are located in southern Shan State, sources from Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) said.

Loi Naga Mountain ranges are located at 7 km from Wan Mai village, north-west of Ban Rath-thai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand and 20 km south-west of Homong in Shan State side. It was reported that Burma Army was firing with 105 mm and 120 mm heavy artilleries, but the SSA did not retaliate, said the Lt-Gen Yawd Serk.

“One reason why we did not respond with retaliation is that the Burma Army’s shelling did not hit the SSA’s bases, and also we are still committed to peace and strictly comply to the truce agreement,” said Lt-Gen Yawd Serk.

“The sound of machine guns’ firings could be heard from Na Mon village in the Thai side,” said the locals.

Similarly, in January the Burma Army attempted to take over the SSA’s bases located in the Loi Naga mountain ranges, which has failed. In that fight 3 attempts were made in a day, which resulted a soldier from Burma army killed. In February, the Burma Army has ordered the two RCSS/SSA bases be withdrawn from Homong areas. Nevertheless, none of the RCSS/SSA bases has been withdrawn so far.

During the February, when the RCSS/SSA leader Lt-Gen Yawd Serk and U Aung Min, the leader of Government Peace Creating committee met in Chiang Mai. “We will not allow such incidents, fighting and attacks on ceasefire agreement armed groups to occur again”, promised U Aung Min.

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