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Laiza peace walk continues after three members hospitalised in Kachin

March 6, 2013

credit EMG 5.march



Three members of the peace group walking from Yangon to Kachin State’s Laiza were hospitalised in the state’s capital, Myitkyina, earlier this week, but the rest of the 128-strong group continued.

The three were sent to hospital after being unable to continue walking, about 100 kilometres short of the capital. One suffered a hernia, a second had a gastric infection and a third, a monk, could no longer walk with the aid of crutches as his swollen ankle had become inflamed. A doctor had told the monk a week ago to stop walking and rest his ankle, but he persisted with the aid of crutches, a leader of the group said.

Changes in weather were causing some people to get sick, especially after the group reached Nabar in Kachin State, the peace walk leader said. However, he added that members of the group were getting accustomed to the cooler temperature in Kachin State and were doing better.

The march began on January 21 when fighting between government and rebel troops were near its peak.  About 60 people left Yangon for the nearly 1,300 kilometre walk to Laiza. Their number doubled soon after.

The group comprises members of different nationalities and religions. They are on the final section of the walk which will end at a refugee camp near the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Organisation and could arrive at their destination next week.

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