Myanmar Seeks Committee to List Remaining Political Prisoners to Release-video

The committee to examine the case of remaining political prisoners in Myanmar hasdiscussed to review systematically the numbers of political prisoners in detained places, the 88’s Generation  Student leader Ko Ko Gyi told the Eleven Media Group, during the committee’s first meeting held in Myanmar Peace Center, Yangon on February 13.

The committee was formed under the leadership of the minister for the President’s Office Soe Thein including representatives of government ministries, civil societies and political parties.

“We have conferred to get the zero number of political prisoners in the jails. Since I was thepolitical prisoner, I could give my opinions to the meeting,” said Ko Ko Gyi.

Releasing political prisoners depends on the administrators. The ex-political prisoners, however, welcomed the term “political prisoners” recently regarded by the government body as an official one.

The committee plans to assess how many political prisoners are still remained in the jails. Then, the assessed list will be reported to the officials. The committee chairperson has urged the committee members to make sure the confirmation of statistics of remaining political prisoners as soon as possible.

According to Ko Ko Gyi, the revealed figures of remaining conscience prisoners controversially vary in different organizations. When the remaining numbers will be officially assessed has not been considered yet. The political prisoners issue plays an important role in building up the developed and tranquil state with no fire and peace with the ethnic groups.

Nyan Win from National League for Democracy (NLD), Khon Tun Oo from Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNLD), Ko Ko Gyi from the 88 generation students group attended as the committee members.

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), the group of political prisoners, Federation of Political Prisoners, and officials from Correction Department, Bureaus of Special Investigations and Myanmar Police Force are also included.

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