TO QUINTANA: 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law requires no amendments as it prevents an illegal influx of foreigners

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Authorities investigating Bengalis entered Kyaukphyu coast during the ship’s failure in engine. (Photo-EMG)

The 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law requires no amendments as it prevents an illegal influx of foreigners, MPs, legal experts and representatives of ethnic groups said in response to a United Nations envoy’s call to amend the law.

Thomas Quintana, the UN’s Human Rights envoy to Myanmar, on Saturday called on Parliament to amend the law to ensure people do not face discrimination based on citizenship and faith.

Quintana’s remarks drew a swift rebuke. Myanmar has its own legislative body to write, pass, amend or abolish laws and he has no right to intrude in the process, MPs, legal experts and representatives of ethnic groups said.

“This law is vitally important for our national people,” legal expert and MP Thein Nyunt said.  “Myanmar is located between China with a population of 1.3 billion, India with over one billion people and Bangladesh with 160 million people,” he said.

“Bangladesh is only about the size of Shan State. This is why our citizenship law must be firm. This is to say that the law must prevent non-citizens from entering easily. We must make sure that people of mixed race do not decide our citizenship policies,” Thein Nyunt said.

“The present law states that a fine of 50,000 kyats must be paid by offenders [who cross the border illegally]. We should change it to 500,000 or five million kyats. But the remaining provisions should remain as they are,” Thein Nyunt added.

Dr. Aye Maung, MP and chairman of Rakhine Nationals Progressive Party, agreed that Myanmar’scitizenship law should be considered in terms of its context. “The 1982 Citizenship Law is only concerned with Myanmar people. The citizenship law of a country has to be passed based on its geo-political situation. It may be different from that of the US or other countries. That should be understood,” he said. Continue reading “TO QUINTANA: 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law requires no amendments as it prevents an illegal influx of foreigners”

KO MIN KO NAING” 2015 election is not the ultimate goal”

A prominent 88 generation student leader Min Ko Naing expressed his views in Norway’s Oslo recently that the 2015 general election is not the ultimate goal for democratic force but merely a milestone.

Min Ko Naing and Pyone Cho were on an European tour to Norway for the first time after being released from the prison, and while in Oslo, they met and exchange views with Myanmar community on February 17.

Min Ko Naing said, “No matter what happens (in the coming general election), we must be prepared well in advance in two prongs for the challenges. Some politicians will try their best to win most votes in the upcoming election”.


Concerning political activities outside the parliament, he continued, “The political forces outside the parliament would monitor and evaluate the voting in the election as their first step. The contesting parties would surely expect a free and fair election. The political parties will not accept if the winning party in the general election is denied seats at the parliament”.

“Democratic forces (NLD) made landslide victory in the previous election 1990. Winning party was denied forming a government. What will happen if they do not recognize the election results in 2015 general election?”, he asked, “the democratic forces must formulate ways and means to secure parliamentary seats that they deserved.”

While meeting with Myanmar families in Norway, Min Ko Naing discussed matters relating on current situation in Myanmar.

Min Ko Naing and Pyon Cho, 88 generation student leaders are visiting three European countries for 9 days with the agenda to receive the Student Peace Prize awarded by Norway.

ATTENTION: Mark Goldberg of UN Dispatch: HIV-AIDS-video related to Myanmar-INCORRECT !!!

Mark Goldberg of UN Dispatch is always up on the latest development news as he is fed directly from the United Nations. He posted a video related to Myanmar and writes: “Here is a fascinating —  and wonky —  video from UNICEF. It relates something I didn’t know: the largest number of new HIV infections is happening through spousal transmission.”

Here is the posting:

And here is the vid:    

We can’t blame Mark for not knowing this. But it is incorrect.

The Myanmar HIV estimates and projections document downloadable from  shows that UNICEF has made a mistake. The bar graph on page eleven demonstrates many more infections among people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, and sex workers and their clients than ‘low risk women’, a euphemism for wives of clients of sex workers and low risk men.

The number and proportion of ‘low risk women’ is decreasing. Other graphics in this publication confirm the trajectory of the epidemic.

UNICEF should remove this inaccurate and wonky video from YouTube.

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President U Thein Sein to pay official visits to Norway, Finland Austria, Belgium and Italy

President U Thein Sein to pay official visits to Norway, Finland Austria, Belgium and Italy

Fri, 02/22/2013 – 09:37


Nay Pyi  Taw ,  22 Feb

At the invitations of  His Excellency Mr. Sauli  Niinisto, President of the  Republic of Finland, His  Excellency Mr. Heinz  Fischer, Federal President  of the Republic of Austria,  His Excellency Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, President  of the Republic of Italy,  His Excellency Mr. Jens  Stoltenberg, Prime Minister  of the Kingdom of Norway  and His Excellency Jose  Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, U Thein Sein, President of  the Republic of the Union  of Myanmar will pay official  visits to the Kingdom of  Norway, Republic of  Finland, Republic of Austria,  Kingdom of Belgium and  the Republic of Italy in the  near future.