The following are the reasons why we don’t accept Tomas Quintana, AI, HRW and so-called UN Human Rights statements on so-called Rohingya, Bengalis, and demanding to reform 1982 Burma citizenship law. (1) They (UN, HRW, AI and Tomas Quintana) are still using the terminology so-called Rohingya whenever referring to Bengali in Arakan. (2) They use the divisive usage of using the religious groups when they are referring to Arakan and Bengali such as Buddhist and Muslims. (3) They got plenty of time and planned in advance to meet Bengali groups (so-called Rohingya) in Burma, in Thai-Burma border, in Burma-Bangladesh border, in USA, in UK and all over the world but they got no will and no intention to do the same to Arakan of Burma and Arakan supporter groups. (4) They call for reform of 1982 Burma citizenship laws which we see it as the infringement of Burma’s sovereignty. (5) When we look at why they call for reform of Burma’s 1982 citizenship laws, I would like to highlight here that they are just echoing what so-called Rohingya, Bengalis, groups have been lobbying for and their supporters, mostly non-Burmese so-called Burma Campaign groups who sought funding from various funding organisation under the various names and titles, have been lobbying for and so these calls are not valid. Accordingly, the call of UN, HRW, AI and Tomas Quintana demanding Burma to reform 1982 Burma citizenship law is void. Thanks.


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