Burma: missing arakan army chief release from chinese police custody

29.january 2013

Dhaka: Arakan Army Chief Colonel Tun Mrat Naing was released on Sunday from Chinese police custody after he was missing for a few days without any communication with his colleagues, said Lt Colonel Dr. Nyo Twan Awng, the militia’s second-in-command.

“We got re-communication with him on Sunday morning. He was released by the Chinese police after some of our Burmese ethnic ally leaders negotiated with the Chinese police. Now he has arrived at a safety place,” said Dr Nyo Twan Awng.

Colonel Tun Mrat Naing was detained by Chinese police at Kumin airport in Yunan province in China on 25 January just after he arrived from Thailand.

Arakanese politicians from many Arakanese parties held a four day long workshop for the Arakanese future in Chiang Mai where Colonel Tun Mrat Naing attended.

The reason behind the arrest of him by the Chinese police is still unclear.

“We all were anxious for him after he went missing since 25 January. We would like to express thanks here to our alliance leaders who were working for our leader’s release from Chinese police custody. We also are thankful to well wishers and our communities for their anxious thoughts and prayers for our leader” said Dr Nyo Twan Awng.

A group of patriotic Arakanese young people led by the Colonel founded Arakan Army in the area of Kachine Independent Organization in 2008 to fight the central Burmese government to protect Arakan people, and to establish peace and justice and freedom and development.


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