FM spokesman: Myanmar-China border area stable

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) — A Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday that the border area between China and Myanmar is stable following the Myanmar government’s announcement that it would cease fighting with the ethnic Kachin Independence Army in northern Myanmar.


“According to information from Yunnan province (in southwest China), the situation on the Chinese side of the border with Myanmar is currently stable,” spokesman Hong Lei said at a daily press briefing.

The provincial government has taken measures to protect Chinese and their property in the border area, the spokesman said.

“The Chinese side is paying great attention to the situation in north Myanmar,” Hong said, urging all concerned parties to fully cease fire as soon as possible in order to maintain peace and tranquility along the China-Myanmar border.

“China is in close contact with all concerned parties and is playing a constructive role,” he added.

During the briefing, Hong called on the parties to start negotiating in order to end the violence in the region.

“We believe that talks are the only correct solution to the north Myanmar conflict and expect all related parties to seek a ceasefire and start negotiations,” Hong said.

Hong’s comments also came after the Chinese government’s special envoy Fu Ying traveled to Yangon and met with Myanmar President U Thein Sein on Saturday.

As neighbors, China and Myanmar share a 2,200-km border and citizens of both nations living on the border are closely linked, Hong said.

“Turmoil in one country will definitely affect the other country along the border,” Hong said. “The Chinese government is closely watching the development of the situation along the China-Myanmar border.”

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