Arakanese migrant workers brutally murdered in Malaysia

3.january 2013

Tun Tun

Alor Setar : Three Arakanese migrant workers were killed while another one was seriously wounded in a brutal attack at a rubber-plantation in Alor Setar in Malaysia.


They were said to be attacked while they were working in the plantation on the night of December 28. The attackers were said to have killed three of them after brutal tortures and slitting their throats.

The deceased are identified as 38-year old Maung Khine Thaung, son of U Phoe Thar and Daw Oo Mhya Thein from Pauktaw Palaung Village in Kyauktaw Township, 21-year old Hla Shin Maung, son of U Maung Hla Yin, and 21-year old Maung Than Shwe, son of U Maung San Aye, from Zaydetaung Village in Mrauk-U Township in Arakan State.

The injured man is identified as 48-year old U Ah Htwee, who was said to have escaped the attackers after a hard struggle while he was being tied with a rope by them.

Ko Maung Than Hline, another Arakanese worker of the plantation, told Narinjara that the attackers were a group of 15 men suspected to be Muslims from Burma.

“The attackers were a group of 15 men who are believed to be Muslims from Burma. They entered into the rubber plantation and captured four of our fellow Arakanese men from a hut of the plantation around 11 pm on 28th of December”, said Ko Maung Than Hline, quoting the injured man who escaped the attackers.

“They could take three of them after tying them with ropes to a nearby mountain and killed them there slitting their throats after severely torturing them. We found their dead bodies being left on the top of the mountain around 9:30 am on December 29”, he said.

He added that U Ah Htwee escaped the attackers after a hard fight with them while they were trying to tie him.

“He has escaped, but he has sustained a number of wounds from the attack. We have now kept him in a safer place because he is one of the victims as well as the prime witness of the attack. If the police will come to investigate the attack, he will be able to tell everything about it. But we have not reported it to the police because no one among us is able to work with the police. Every one of us here are now living in fear as well”, he said.

Twenty Arakanese migrant workers are said to be working at the rubber plantation in Malaysia’s Alor Setar that is located on Thai border.

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