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Letpadaung Investigation Commission Press Release No. 4/2012 13th Waxing of Nadaw, 1374 ME (26th December, 2012)

December 27, 2012

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Investigation Commission

Press Release No. 4/2012

13th Waxing of Nadaw, 1374 ME

(26th December, 2012)

1. The Government is taking responsibilities for providing medical treatments to

those injured in Letpadaungtaung copper mine incident in Salingyi Township, Monywa

District, Sagaing Region.

2. After making necessary coordination, the Investigation Commission has made

arrangements for giving medical treatment to monk U Tikkhañana on 13-12-2012 and

monk Shin Sajjana on 25-12-2012 in Thailand. Two monks are now receiving medical

treatments in Phra Mongkut Hospital of Bangkok.

3. The Commission has assigned duties to Myanma Environmental Institute (MEI) so

as to assess environmental degradation and impacts on social life. MEI is undertaking

its works after forming the group with the following experts:

(a) Ecology Exper 1

(b) Natural Hazard and Environmental Management Expert 1

(c) Project Development Analyst Expert 1

(d) Health, Safety and Environment Consultant 1

(e) Environmental Engineering Consultant 1

(f) Soil and Water Expert 1

(g) Environmental Mapping Expert 1

(h) Social Impact Assessment Expert 2

(i) Air Quality Expert 1

(j) EIA Consultant 1

(k) Cultural Expert 1

(4) The expert group is to submit its preliminary report to the Commission within two weeks.- ???

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