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Burma: Medical bills mount up for monk’s treatment in Thailand- Special Commission will take full responsibility for the medical expenses

December 22, 2012

Medical expenses for a Buddhist monk who is currently receiving medical treatments in Thailand has reached over 1.3 million baht (US$34,000) in three days, U Vimala from the Health Care Committee for Injured Monks said.

Among the five monks who were seriously injured during the police crackdown on the Latpadaungtaung protest, only U Tikkhanana is receiving medical treatment in Thailand, and the other monks have not obtained their passports and are also having financial concerns.

U Vimala, the leader of the healthcare committee, said he cannot tell whether the hospital charges are expensive or whether the cost of the medicines is expensive due to the monk’s serious condition.

“Daw Aung San Suu Kyi told us that the Special Commission will take full responsibility for the medical expenses of the monks who were injured in the Latpadaungtaung incident,” said U Vimala.

The state media reported last Friday that the government remitted 1 million baht (US$ 33,000) to Bangkok General Hospital in advance for U Tikkhanana’s medical treatment.

He left Yangon General Hospital on his own on last Thursday to receive medical treatment.

Among the four monks who are currently receiving medical treatment at the Yangon General Hospital, Ashin Tejana is in a critical condition after his wounds got infected. The healthcare commission has been preparing a passport for him in case his condition worsens and he needs to receive medial treatment abroad.  *US$1=30.64 baht

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