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Expected Increase in Government Military Operations in Paloung area

December 10, 2012

Soldiereqww323It is anticipated that there will be an increase in conflicts in the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) movement area, Northern Shan State, according to TNLA spokesperson Major Tar PhonnKyaw.

“A battle has broken out every day here (Northern Shan State) after five days of relative quiet. The battles are occurring in different parts: today in Pannkapound between Kutkai and Minepaw, and twice yesterday in Pannlong village in Nanshan Township. We will use guerrilla tactics if the government troops try their movement here. Now the government is increasing their battalions and are setting up posts for battle” he said.

At present, the government troops of Infantry Battalion (IB) 130, 144, and 115, as well as the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 501 have operations in Nanshan Township. In Mantong Township, (LIB) 502, (IB) 23, 71, and 95 are patrolling and currently, there are 16 government battalions patrolling in TNLA area, according to Paloung.

Pa Laung Army

Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)

Major Tar PhonnKyaw asserted government troops are now patrolling by guerilla methods.  In order to obtain relevant intelligence about the current situation, government troops are disguised as the local people. This maneuver has been executed in conjunction with increased battalion presence.
On November 22nd government battalions with fifty military trucks marched from Lashio in North Eastern Regional Military Command to Muse (105 Mines). Two days later, five of the government military trucks went to Jugok-Pannsaing. Five additional military trucks and one military tractor arrived in Namhkan the same day. On November 25th, seven military trucks arrived at Nanshan.

The TNLA major stated “The government troops might be preparing to attack and (they) are learning the situation of area.” The information was gathered from five government soldiers who are captured by the TNLA’s Battalion 367 in November.

In Northern Shan State, TNLA, KIA (Kachin Independence Army), and SSPP/SSA (Shan State Progressive Party/ Shan State Army) are patrolling in several areas. Therefore, the TNLA believes an increase in battles in the Shan State area is likely.


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