WWF planning to enter Myanmar-Burma-Myanmar is the New NGO Heaven

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is discussing with Myanmar officials the possibility to carry out environmental conservation activities in the country.

“We cannot say the details yet, such as when we will begin and so on,” said Kate Newman, managing director of Public Sector Initiatives, Field Programs, WWF, during the “Green Economy Green Development Workshop” in Yangon on November 16.

However, it is hoped that WWF and Myanmar can work together soon, she added.

“We expect the result (if Myanmar allows the entry of WWF) will come out at the end of November,” said Tin Than, project officer of WWF International.

WWF is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961, and based in Switzerland. It is involved in environmental protection, research and conservation programmes worldwide.

Myanmar improved its relation with the US towards the end of 2011; global environmental associations, including the WWF and IUCN have developed an interest to enter the country.





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