Burma : Animosity International: Staff on strike in Amnesty offices across the globe

“We ,  BDC UK, have been raising the issue of AI’s credibility. We complained about the fabricated and bias news, Press releases, Reports from AI regarding Rakhine State Conflicts and Bengali so-called Rohingyas in regard to Burma. We knew for sure they just take reports only from so-called Rohingyas organisations and totally neglect the reports of Burmese and the Rakhines.”


Animosity International: Staff on strike in Amnesty offices across the globe

But over the years mission creep has led to some supporters being alienated. In 2007 the Catholic Church, a strong Amnesty enthusiast, withdrew its support when Amnesty added abortion to its palette of rights. In 2010 Amnesty upset many feminists when it suspended Gita Sahgal, its gender unit head, when she criticised its links with the Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, whom she described as “Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban”. It was a move which Salman Rushdie described as a “moral bankruptcy” which had done incalculable damage to Amnesty’s reputation. Last year Amnesty’s support for Julian Assange angered many of its members.


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