Burma: Protest against new buildings in Bagan not concern to them, Archeology Department said

Protest against new buildings in Bagan not concern to them, Archeology Department said

by Myit Makha Mediagroup on 14 Nov, 2012

 It is learnt that although the local people protest against the construction of new buildings in the Bagan Heritage Zone, the department cannot accede the request because the construction of those buildings started since the administration of the former military government and other issues are out of the scope of the department. The demands of the existing demonstration are not directly related to the Department of Archeology. They are out of the policies and regulations of the department and it is impossible to take any action. Some cases were happened under the former government, our department can do nothing.” said  U Naing Win, Director of The  Archeology Department. But the shops and the theatre constructed near Boo Pagoda in Bagan Archeological Site are concerned with the department, so we have already instructed to demolish the buildings. In 1990, the old Bagan city area was announced as Archeological Zone and the houses and commercial buildings were forced to move to Bagan Myothit, about four miles away south of the old city. Later the new buildings were started to construct. So, on  October 22, 2012, the local residents led by Ko Min Aung Naing demonstrated their protest.

As there was no response and action from the department regarding their demonstration, on November 10, they met with the media groups presenting  the situation  and announces the plan of the second demonstration on November 22 at Bagan. 

“ We will protest until the construction of the new buildings stops. It is not acceptable that the local residents were removed by force and the businessmen are occupying there.” Said Ko Min Naing Aung.

On October 22, the protest was organizes and led by KoMin AungNaing, but on November 22, it will be organized and led by Association of Cultural Conservation and Development of Bagan Archeological Zone targeting a Bagan- Nyaung U citywide event.

“In the case of Ayeyarwady Myitsone project, even though it was originated in the Military government, the project was stopped by the new elected government .” pointed out Bagan locals. Ko Min Naing Aung also pointed out that the government should stop the construction of the commercial buildings in the Bagan Archeological Zone
“ It should not be said that it could not be taken action, because of the constructions started in the previous government. Even the Myitsone project could be stopped. The demands are made for the conservation of the Bagan  which is well known not only in Myanmar but in the World.” Said U Htoo, a resident.



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