Destruction details of the earthquake in Shwebo_list is based on the releases of Police department.

destruction of the earthquake in Shwebo

On November 11 at 7:40 a earthquake of 6.8 richter magnitude scale occurred centering Northeast of Shwebo.
The list of the destruction of the quake is described follow. The list is based on the releases of Police department.
1) the gate of Shwe Gu Pagoda fell off in Sint Ku Township
2) a building was destroyed in Shwe Gu Gyi Primary School and 300 feet of surrounding wall fell off
3) gate and scared pole of Shwe Yat Tong pagoda were destroyed
4) 5 blocks of wall fell of in Tawya monastery
5) 600 feet of wall fell off in Thatama Wontha Nanda monastery
6) 3 people injured while a building was destoryed in Section 2
7) the scared uppermost parts of Pahtotaw Gyi Stupa in Amarapura Township, Laymyatnar Pagoda and Ayitema Htuat Pagoda in Aungmay Thaizan Township fell off to ground.
8) a women killed while the fence of Myo Zaw in Section 2, Kyautmaung Township was destroyed
9) 5 construction workers from Yatanar Theingi bridge across the Irrawaddy rive fell into water (not known whether alive or not) and a iron rail of the bridge sank a boat passing under the bridge.
10) the abbot of Kabut village monastery in Khinoo Township was injured while the two buildings fell off
11) the uppermost part of Mandalay Swetaw Pagoda fell to the middle platform
12) the uppermost parts of Sanda Muni Pagoda and Aung Taw Mu Pagoda located in Aung Myay Tharzan and Kyauk Sae Townships respectively fell to the ground
13) Aung Kyaw Oo (20) was killed when the fence of Donyi Naung restaurant fall
14) the wall between Tapaite Kyin Polication and detention center fall off
15) ceiling and fence of Nwe Yon police station in Sagaing Region fell off

according to the police releases, tourists are not included in the list of the victims of the quake. However, the trips to Sagain was suspended due to the quake. The suspension will be over in 1 or 2 days.

11 November 2012
6.6-magnitude earthquake hits Myanmar to be felt in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter scale hit Myanmar 8.12 am Sunday, the United States Geological Survey reported on its website.The USGS reported that the quake’s epicenter was 56 kilometres northeast of Shwebo, Sagaing, Myanmar. It had a depth of some 10 kilometres.Several Twitter users in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, who live on highrise buildings, posted messages that they felt their buildings swaying at the time of the earthquake. (Reinhard Hohler, Chiang Mai)

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