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Mon, 11/12/2012 – 10:39

Nay Pyi Taw, 11 Nov

A strong earthquake measuring 6.8 magnitude on Richter Scale jolted about 82 miles north of Mandalay Seismological Observatory and about 45 miles north of Shwebo at 7 hours 42 minutes and 35 seconds this morning.  Two aftershocks with the magnitude of 5 Richter Scale jolted with the epicenter about 59 miles north of Mandalay, about 23 miles north-east of Shwebo, about 36 miles west of Mogok and about four miles south-west of Thabeikkyin at 7 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds and the epicenter about 53 miles north ofMandalay, about 16 miles northeast of Shwebo, about 41 miles west of Mogok and about 12 miles southwest of Thabeikkyin at 8 hours 2 minutes and 28 seconds, according to Meteorology and Hydrology Department.

The quake caused devastations and casualties in Sagaing, Shwebo, Kyaukmyaung, Khin U, Mandalay, Amarapura, Singu, Kyaukse and Thabeikkyin Townships of Sagaing and Mandalay Regions.

The earthquake damaged Kaunghmudaw Pagoda, Hsinmyarshin P a g o d a , Mahased I Pagoda, Lekyunmanaung Chanthargyi Pagoda, Htuparyone Pagoda and the arch of Yadanabon Bridge, warehouse of Sagaing Region Electrical Engineering Office, slightly moved Mingun Bell and collapsed the upper wall of a staff-quarter in Sagaing.

One woman was killed and 10 injured in No. 2 ward of Kyaukmyaung Township as a house collapsed. Steel structures being installed at Ayeyawady Bridge (Yadana Theinga) fell down upon a barge and a Z-craft, sinking the vessels and killing one.  Four are still missing and 15 others were injured. The quake collapsed village Communication office in Kyaukmyaung Village, half the building of Sebingyun village primary school,  destroyed the 70 per cent of Majithonebin village primary school, collapsed Seiktha village primary school and collapsed half the building of Mala Village affiliated primary school.

In Shwebo, diamond orbs of Chanthagyi Pagoda and zedis of Minthamee Shwekyaungand NannUkyaung Pagodas, an ancient pagoda in the compound of Shwebontha Payagyi fell down to the ground and archways of Atwin Meiktila monastery and Ashae Lawka Marazein monasteries, inverted and spreading lotuses of Shwegugyi pagoda, walls of Zawtikayama monastery, Shwebon Yadana Mingala Nandaw monastery and Aungchantha monastery were destroyed. Upper part of old tiered-roof in Kontha monastery in Hsin Inn village was also damaged.

In KhinU Township, school and monastery in Yonebin village were destroyed and umbrella of Anyar Thihataw Pagoda tilted to the side and prayer hall of the pagoda collapsed. The fence of township police station partly collapsed. Tabuk Village monastery and monastic school collapsed and one monk was injured.

In Kanbalu Township, walls of Male village  monastery, two dhammayons and 20 houses were destroyed. Two stupas in Yayshin village monastery were damaged. Chimney of Myanmar Nyunt RiceMill collapsed. Thabyaytha village monastery was destroyed. Umbrella of Ywale Pagoda in Htantabin village fell down to the ground. A patient ward of Male Village station hospital collapsed.

In Wetlet Township, Thitseint Village pagoda was damaged, Yelehmaw primary school collapsed, diamond orbs of Yelehmaw Village pagoda, Ywathagyi Village pagoda and Innmegyi Pagoda fell down to the ground.

The diamond orbs of Lemyethna, Ayeikmahtwet and Sandamuni Pagodas in Mandalay and of Pahotetawgyi Pagoda and Swedawmyet Pagoda (Mandalay) of Amarapura Township were brought to the ground.

Arch of Shwegugyi Pagoda, Shwegugyi monastic school, arch of Shweyettaung Pagoda, brick fence of Tawya monastery and brick fence of Parriatti Sattamavamsa Nanda monastery were damaged. A collapse of a house in No. 2 ward left three injured. Nweyon police outpost was damaged.

One man was killed in the collapse of a restaurant in Nweyon village. The quake devastated nearly 90 feet of the walls of township lectrical engineering office, broke two 33 KV LA of the power station in the office compound and blasted a bushing of 33 KV transformer in Singu.

Nearly 100 houses were damaged, one house collapsed, one killed and 24 injured in Thabeikkyin Township. The buildings of township information and public relations department, the hospital, general administration department, bank, Seikkan primary school were slightly damaged and the tower of retransmission station tilted slightly.

In Moenyin, three rooms of a building in the compound of Shwethalyaung Pagoda were destroyed. Three pagodas were destroyed. Now, authorities concerned are taking recordson loss and damages in quakehit areas and relief works are being carried out. According to the news reported at 4.15 pm, six people were killed, 50 wounded and four people are missing.

Likewise, the earthquake slightly hit Kalay, Mawlaik, Katha and Tamu Districts but there were no casualties. Ministers of Region government and departmental officials are providing necessary assistance to victims of earthquake-hit areas.

Although there were some damages and losses in the earthquake this morning, there was no damage at dams and the 242 feet high standing Buddha image in the precinct of Bawdi Tahtaung in Monywa of Sagaing Region.

According to the latest news, a moderate earthquake of 5.8 Richter Scale hit 5 miles northeast of Shwebo at 5 hrs 26 min 20 sec MST, said Department of Meteorology and Hydrology. The followup news on the earthquake will be issued.

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