Burma_Myanmar: Recurred Conflict due to a group of Bad People- Rakhine State Government said

Moe Wai-Rakhine State ( Myitmakha )
by Myit Makha Mediagroup on 8 Nov, 2012

“Because of the group of bad people, the conflicts occur again,” said a spoken person of Rakhine State Government.

A spoken person of Rakhine State Government said,”The conflicts recurred  in Rakhine State on 20 October was not based on racial and/or religious reasons but merely caused by a group or groups of bad people.”

” The President has already mentioned in his statement that there are the evidents indicatng a group of bad people plotted, backed and supported the conflicts to be occurred again.” said U Win Myaing, Secretary of Rakhine State Documentation and Information Sub-committee.

“Regarding to the conflicts ocuredin the Rakhine State, it will be very easy-going to blameon the racial and religious reason. These ethenic races of different religions have been existing together peacefully since a long time ago. In the past, there occurred some conflicts but only a short duration in very limited areas. But, now i is very widespread and violent.” he continued.

” As we listen to and watch the people, web, internet and facebook, there is no racial or religios problems or contradictions.In the whole country, there are a lot of Buddhists and Islams neighboring  together, but conflicts only in this area. On the other hand, in Butheedaung and Maungdaw, these ethnic races have been existing together foralong time peacefully except some monor conflicts but not as violent as now..” pointed out U win Myaing.

Moreover, according to the Rakhine State Myanma Police Force, 180 Nos of locally made handguns,3-swords, 7-spears, 1-Bow and 21-iron-tipped arrows are confiscated before the announcement to surrender weapons and 176- Nos of local-made handguns, 447- Nos of spears. 93-Nos of Bows, 545-pieces of arrows, 1130- pieces of iron-tipped arrows and 289 Nos of Catapults were surrendered after the announcement.

U Win Myaing explained about the weapons that the confiscate weapon  are not really war-weapon, but most of them were intended for hunting. In the conflicts may be they used them intentionally or not. But those are harmful in the conflicts, therefore it was announces not to possess, use and manufacture the weapons and to surrender them to the authorities concerned. It is already announced that the person holding, using, possessing and manufacturing those weapons will be taken legal action according to the law.

It is known that on November 1, 2012 after the announcement, possibly a local made launcher ( measuring about 6-ft.6-ins in length, 6-inches diameter and 5-cms thick barrel with fron and back supports and 2 ring holders ) was confiscated at Let Saung Kauk ( Islam ) village in Kyauk Taw Township.

In the newsletter released by Office of the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar on 30 October, 2012 , it is mentioned that the necessary actions were being taken regarding on the confiscated 180 local-made gun and evidences of manufacturing of them.

In  the recurred conflicts during October 10 – 20, it is known that there were 89- deads, 136- wounded, 5350-Houses damaged and 32230 became homeless. During June conflicts there were  5338 houses and 134 public buildings caught fire and population of 75,000 from 12,242 Households became homeless.


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