Burma-Thailand : Capture a truck load of arms at Thai-Myanmar border

Capture a truck load of arms at Thai-Myanmar border

Aung Aung ( Myitmakha )
by Myit Makha Mediagroup on 8 Nov, 2012

“A  truck loaded with 10 Nos of AK Rifles together with about one hundred thousand rounds of assorted ammunition was captured at Kong Ken village near Mae Sot in Thai-Myanmar Border”, .said a border authority.

“It happened at Mae Kong Ken Port beside Par Chan River Saturday night. They were going to pass the river to Myanmar side and when we called, they ran away leaving behind the truck together with the arms” said an officer from Border Patrol Police.

The captured arms included 10 Nos of AK Rifles, 1 No of 60 MM and a lot of ammunitions but not yet classified who owns them.Even though the fire-arm traffickers were identified, it is known that a regiment of Border Guard Force transformed from DKBO was camped there.

In the late evening of 3 November, a suspected truck was stopped to check near Mae Kong Ken village in

Thai-Myanmar Border about 15-kms away from Mae Sot, the driver stopped the car and fled away leaving the car.

Then the truck was searched and found the dire-arms.

“To stop the illegal trafficking of fire-arms along the border, the relevant departments and organizations of the both governments are working together, but the illegal dir-arms are still brought into the area”, pointed out by local people.

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