Burma-Bangladesh : “Fake Rohingyas” entering Western countries

While Bangladesh government has been refusing international plea of giving shelter to the “Rohingyas”, hundreds of Bangladeshi national are entering various Western countries and later proclaiming to be “Rohingyas” by producing fake certificates, which are sold to Bangladeshi nationals through an inter-country crime racket based in Akaran state. Weekly Blitz has already received specific evidence of such cases, where Bangladeshi nationals, who had been residing at their ancestral property in Dhaka and Tangail entered France with Bangladeshi passport and submitted application seeking political asylum by showing fake certificates issued by the local groups or NGOs in Arakan state. It was also learnt that, each of such fake certificates are sold in the black market for Bangladesh Taka 20,000-25,000 [US$ 250-275]. Any Bangladeshi national willing to obtain such fake certificate needs to contact local brokers of Arakan based NGOs in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh and the fake certificate is handed over to the person within 10-15 hours in most cases. In recent months, the number of political asylums sought by “Rohingyas” in various Western nations has greatly increased. It may be mentioned here that, almost 99 percent of such applicants are falsely claiming to be “Rohingyas”.
It may be mentioned here that, as of 2012, 800,000 Bengali so called Rohingya live in Myanmar. Burmese historians such as Khin Maung Saw have claimed that the term ‘Rohingya’ was unknown before the 1950s. Another historian, Dr Maung Maung, notes that the word Rohingya is not used in the 1824 census, conducted by the British. Historian Aye Chan from Kanda University of International Studies states that the term “Rohingya” was created by descendants of Bengalis in 1950s who migrated into Arakan during colonial times. He also holds that the term cannot be found in any historical source in any language before the 1950s. However, he accepts that there may have been Muslim communities in Arakan before 1824.

Three fake Rohingyas traced seeking asylum in Germany

Following publication of the report titled ‘Fake Rohingyas entering Western countries’ in Blitz, we have been receiving specific information from various sources from a number of Western countries, where Bangladeshi nationals have already sought political asylum pretending to be Ronhigyas born in Arakan. According to our sources, only during 2011-2012, a few thousand Bengali fake Rohingyas already sought political asylum only in the European nations, while a significant number of so-called Rohingyas are also reportedly seeking asylum in Canada.

Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar protest at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok


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