democracy for burma

Dear Friends,

Please see the following letter of Ko Tin Maung Htoo, Executive Director of Canadian Friends of Burma. CFOB is in Crisis with Rohingya Issue. Because Ko Tin Maung Htoo led Canadian Friends of Burma is not taking side with so-called Rohingya Benagli, Inter Pares is bullying him and CFOB.

Since Ottawa-based Inter Pares, a key member NGO of CNC, consistently put pressure on CFOB to stand with ‘Rohingya’ Muslim, to the extent that they cut off their funding and even blocked the funding coming from other sources.

This is totally disgustingly shameful BULLYING and DICTATORIAL TATICS of Inter Pares.

Let’s show our support for hero of Burma– Ko Tin Maung Htoo and Canadian Frriends of Burma.

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) would like to express our stand very clearly here that CFOB is truly the Canadian (TRUE) Friends of Burma and we would like to express our appreciation over…

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