Thandwe: Four Muslim were arrested on Wednesday by security forces in a southern district of Arakan after some handmade weapons were discovered in a mosque, said residents and officials in the town.

A witness said the security force arrested the trustee of the mosque U Tin Aung and other three youths who were living in the mosque after the authority found several swords, slingshots, throwing arrows and iron sticks inthe mosque.

The incident took place a day before the Burmese authorities ordered people in strife-torn western Burma to surrender guns, swords and other weapons to the police within three days.

The four arrestees were produced before Thandwe Township court a day after arrest but the authority denied to issue bail to them.

The security forces combined of both police and army personnel, raided a monastery of Bodi Gom and Jamad mosque in Thandaw on Wednesday searching for weapons.

A local government official who did not want to disclose his name said that the security force could not found any weapons in the Monastery but several handmade weapons were found in the mosque of Jamad.

The authority is preparing to take action in accordance with criminal law, he said.

Narinjara contacted Thandwe police station over phone to get more information but no one picked up the phone despite the phone ringing.

The Burmese government announced on Thursday in state-run newspapers that people in Arakan state had to surrender guns, swords and other weapons to the police within three days or face legal action.

It has been learnt that a combined security force of police and army personnel have been searching for hand made weapons at many religious institutes like monasteries and mosques.


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