Western Media ought not to win Grammy in serving its client-Bengalis in Burma.အေနာက္မီဒီယာ၊ သူ.ေဖါက္သည္ ဘင္ဂါလီ။ ဂရမ္မီဆုမရေစရ-english

အေနာက္မီဒီယာ၊ သူ.ေဖါက္သည္ ဘင္ဂါလီ။ ဂရမ္မီဆု လံုးလံုး မရေစရ (English Version)

This morning one Australian TV channel produced some fake news on the plight of the Rohingyas in Burma, citing the Bengalis from a neighboring country Bangladesh as the long-forgotten, most -persecuted ethnic people on earth. It is quite uncomfortable to listen to some fake news like this. The problem arises when such a fake feature presentation on Rohingya in Burma is re-broadcast by news stations and newspapers world-wide without revealing that this particular program was just from an interest group or organization, thus making it appear as a genuine news piece, even when it was not. All these media agencies have used the same fake news just as frequently as the original inaccurate program was aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation and other news channels in UK in recent months.

In the US, another day has seen some revelation in the mainstream American news stations about the repetition of fake news whereby, to meet special interest of particular political groups or organizations, journalists working for public relations firms made fabricated news reports about Rohingya in Burma. A somewhat left-wing newspaper (allegedly center-left in its category, yet not so exacting in the west), The Huffington Post owned by Time Warner launched some fake news on Rohyngya in Burma with a headline that read:  Buddhists Monks Against Humanitarian Aid?

Recent weeks have witnessed waves of Rohingya-related fake news presentation from an ocean of lies fed by international newsmen who have no ethics. Responsible are some center-left western human rights activists, NGOs which have got something to do with Burmese democracy movement, and Hang Yaung Ngwe, Head of Democratic Voice of Burma and his accomplices. It appears that Hang is the most sophisticated in his maneuver of acquiring substantial funds from Saudi Arabia and in his wicked influence of Burmese media teams overseas, all of which have accordingly shown little sympathy for the troubled Rakhine people in Burma.

These Burmese language news stations outside Burma have knowingly failed their audience by showing strong news bias only toward the Bengalis (Rohingya). Sarcastically, I was wondering if these people would soon be awarded for being geniuses in manipulating a political situation like this. However, this also suggests that an award for their out-of-context news fabrication ought not to be divided between two parties—the Machiavellian polit bureau of Burma and the manipulative western media centers, for each has a different take in the game.

It seems that propagandists enjoy rewards from the Law of Repetition (also in the Quran). Despite its flaws, one news segment, once repeated long enough as a continuous reminder to readers and listeners alike, it soon comes to be accepted as truth.  It also seems that some western media stations connected with particular NGOs have declared a vicious propaganda war against the over-all interests of the Rakhine people who recently had a serious bloody strife with violent Bengalis in the western region of Burma. Untrue to the reality in the region, global media’s urgent call for the rights of the Rohingya in Burma does not even remotely explain the genuine sufferings of ethnic Rakhine people in Rakhine State.

Instead, these NGOs and their news stations have turned away from the suffering of the downtrodden Rakhine people. However, the western media has continued to smear the Rakhine people who are by all means true victims in the crisis. Instead, global media and NGOs have joined together to orchestrate high-flown Bengali misery as part of their political feud. In fact, the genuine victims are Rakhine people. They have already been beaten flat to the ground and left unprotected by their own government in the initial weeks of communal strife.  However, all these western NGOs came out quite strongly on the case only to highlight Bengali Rohingya, giving them an appearance of authentic ethnic people of Burma. By all means, this bias gave an incomplete picture of how to address the problem in the troubled State of Rakhine. Therefore, the Burmese must take direct action with unwavering commitment–to stand up against the motives of both the western NGOs and the western news stations which have been lying.

All sorts of domestic and international pressure on the Burmese military government in the past 24 years have not yet  guaranteed any desirable outcome for the general public despite certain recent changes.  At the present, the Rakhine people are the ones who have seen themselves running for life. They have lost their houses. Their villages have been burned down by Bengali mobs. They have been attacked by the uninvited guests entering from the western neighbor, Bangladesh. Eventually, the Rakhine people have been given no other choice but to resort to the make-shift refugee sites in fear of Bengalis. In general, the ethnic Rakhines have been forced to endure that much trouble caused by the Burmese government and illegal migrants from Bangladesh. They have also shown a great deal of patience to the NGO’s from US and UK to understand their headline, “Buddhists attacked Rohingyas in Burma.”

While the military as well as immigration officers on the western border were taking bribes from illegally entering Bengalis, no one was vigilant in light of  their increased presence in Rakhine State. It is a fact they all came without inspection. The odds of this suspicious Bengalis exodus into Burma have never been questioned.

Now it seems that the seniors in the Burmese government are feeling increasingly uneasy and reluctant to acknowledge the root cause of it. If they were mapping out a merciless yet wasteful way of sacrificing the Rakhine people, why is it that no other groups but only crying Bengalis, will have got a free ticket to ride in a few years from now—to establish a free Rohingya land in the western territory of Burma, there is a possibility of their false hope only through these insincere NGO’s initiatives to promote their dirty separate cause in Burma? If this would somehow become the case, what kind of prize would the 60-million population win after the Burmese people have taken all kinds of trouble, risks and sacrifices in their 50-year-long struggle to democracy?

It is evident that sophisticated Christian newspapers have begun a massive media campaign in favor of the Rohingyas. The fact that the government is being cornered in international press these days explains its traditional exclusion of educated, progressive folks on all levels in the management of the country, making it unable to defend its national security policies once challenged like that. And it also appears that even though the cause of the recent riots has been explained as it was, the reaction from the western media has now grown insensible and extremely manipulative against the people of Burma—it is just like a tiny spark of fire which has been spreading to the entire palace.

Some accused the government of covering up the La-Wa-Ka culprits (border control and immigration officers in the west), and this widespread reality of immigration fraud could successfully muddle the mind of those in power to get the problem resolved in realistic terms. Time and time again, they were mocked for their famous procrastination of serious security problems confronting the nation. Also this time also, public-spirited citizens have shown their mockery to the top Burmese officials for letting these terrible things get out of control. The tough greedy parliament members like U Khin Shwe and a few others who are being backed by U Shwe Man as campaigners of a new landscape from strife-prone to a new economic zone up in Rakhine State. Their future land grabs would be quite easy once the poor Rakhine people have been wiped out of their land. The government’s ability to transform the natural land into a new wasteland has never been challenged legally. The peasants’ misery on the motherland has been widespread. The people are so anxious to see the hidden card in the hands of the Burmese leaders at the top. Actually what is their secret agenda out there?

Given the Bengalis on the Burmese side already, any attempt to ensure immigration scrutiny either by fair standards or by not-so-gentle standards accepted universally elsewhere seems to be a difficult challenge to the government. As the tight census-control laws are not yet applied to check the uninvited Bengalis in Burma, the western media as well as the major countries in the west have contorted to maximize the impact of their attack ads aimed both at the government and the Buddhists nation-wide. Popular media is now a sham yet inviting danger making all of us very nervous. On the front pages of some news papers, a photograph of an ordinary Burmese monk with a placard that read, “ No Rohyngya” was written up as one betraying the core Buddhist teachings. Due to the western media’s new motives and political thoughts about the Rohingya issue, the trouble is that the national democratic movement seems to be shoved off into a thicket of grass in the field.

The democratic process in Burma is still vague and fragile, and everyone’s prognosis of the situation remains submerged. The 60-million population still endures a great deal of hardship. On the other hand, the blueprint for greater freedom on all levels is not even played out openly on the stage yet. The Burmese Parliament as a whole does not even require its new and old members to come up with exacting terms and applicable laws to resolve this notorious Rohingya issue. Instead, a safe topic like educational reform had been introduced, and sadly all appear to be drifting from urgent problems. Unlike this indifferent attitude in the Burmese parliament, successive explosions of fabricated news stories on Rohingya continue to take up headlines on the front pages of foreign newspapers.

For a crisis like this which has taken its own course of direction, the Burmese must not view themselves as victims nonetheless, assuming hopelessly it is just the pay-back time for the unjust government in shock. The deep lesson of the Burmese struggle is not to be learned only this way just to see that the Bengali guests from a western neighbor would be a potential winner of the first prize. At the same time, all must remain extra vigilant about the resilient west media attacks because these are altogether outrageous and offensive, but the needed spirit of defiance among the people could eventually lead all of them in the entire country to take to the streets for protests in fear of Bengali domination as part of gloomy destiny being pushed by the media war upon the weak and unprotected Rakhines in their Rakhine Land.

In the past, enough students were killed. So were the Buddhist monks and hundreds of ethnic people. This happened in our country quite frequently. However, we all know we have been there. We are very familiar with such massacres and deaths so often that just the knowledge of deadly tragedies ceases to be a novelty throughout Burma. If the Rohingya got what they demanded out of this situation, who is to desire praise that Burma as a nation may not even be assured? Would the western human rights groups and the global be altogether proud of themselves for being utterly indifferent to the plight of Rakhine people in favor of the others?  Would the Burmese government be rejoiced? Or Would the Bengali refugees become winners as “the most persecuted race on earth” ?

If this were the case now, we all might want to know of the number in the misery index for the 60 million!

A blow on the Rakhine people and the Burmese government is to name them as abusive, unkind Buddhists in global news headlines, and such a thing is indeed a triple favor to the Rohingyas in our land. All international communities’ principal business related to Burma was in the past just a serious of rejections and condemnations in writing or on air. At the same time, their willingness to help the Burmese underdogs has never been obvious or substantial in the past two decades. As of now, there is a lot of  diplomatic and business traffic inside Burma yet there is a greater number of special interest foreign groups pushing us, beating us down, dictating to the government as if the new political landscape of reforms ought to be such that only the Bengalis who have cried loud would certainly get the fast best reward at the dawn of a new era.

These people being so bold to exploit Burma out of the situation could sum up their manipulative news war against Rakhine people in definite political terms. In years, Rakhine State will be lost to illegal entrants from the west, as if an adamant giant python had greased its prey in sliver and swallowed it down inch by inch. This scenario seems to be the wicked NGOs’ universal forecast at the expense of our poor country. Therefore, no one must be watching it with the folded arms.

Let me give you an example from the middle-east. Before 1900, there was no clear visible Jewish Diaspora community at Jerusalem. After Hitler wiped out one thirds of the Jewish people in 1940’s, the revival of the prospering Jewish communities was supported widely in the west, and as a start, there were only more than 20,000 Jews at Jerusalem the time the Israel nation was founded. However past 1967 and in the 1970’s, a combination of Jewish philanthropy and ideal Zionism was helping the Jews rebuild their country in those years. Clearly, the enemies of the thriving Jewish communities in the west, whether real or not, were repressed by the western democratic governments, especially America and its allies.

At the present, the Jewish population in Israel is almost 6 million, leaving the once-the-majority Islamic people in the region as a minority which is now made up of only about 2 million people. However, it took 40 years for the chosen people to establish a 6-million Diaspora Jewish state. It is true their civilization was swept away once, but it has revived again almost everywhere to reach new highs to become the envy of the world.

Unlike what happened in Jerusalem’s Diaspora Jewish communities in Israel, Burma will not have witnessed any of Bengalis wealth or philanthropy in the strife-torn Rakhine State in a decade to come. The sense of horror created by some religious views still overrules matters of commonsense among people in countries where population explosion is totally out of control. Their own authorities thus seem to encourage or promote a culture of squatting even in uninvited places. Bengali child-birth rate is alarming and imposing everywhere. The crisis of the Bengali population will get out of control, thus causing the Rakhines to be outnumbered so fast in our Buddhist land. Who then is going to restore the pristine state of Rakhine Land as it was, as this problem strikes Burma hard? Truth is that their home country Bangladesh does not want them back at all. Why then do we have to have them in Burma?

There is speculation among us why the west world is so keen on taking care of Rohingya people inside Burma. The tremendous risk at a future time (the Bengali population explosion on Burmese side) is now overlooked, and the west media stations are blaming the Burmese government and the Buddhist Rakhine people. In this very case, foreign journalists will continue their bashing against Burma, because they have not succeeded yet in making Rakhines give in easily. It is apparent that both the opposition leaders and the Burmese government do not cave in on what the calculative western interest groups hold as a decision in favor of the illegal Bengalis in the name of human rights.

The Burmese government ought not to give in to the unreasonable demands of foreign human right groups and any superior western governments, some of which in the past took so strong the bias against some wealthy Islamic nations to make American invasions nice and easy. Clearly Burma, despite a complete underdog nation on earth, is not prepared to satisfy any foreign interest group when it comes to this Rohingya crisis. Burma ought not to be used as a pawn in the chess game. Under the pressure of the biased western media, matters of sovereignty and national boundry would be extremely too hard for the Burmese people to put up with.

If it were such that the government would gradually give up just a slight partial sovereignty of the western border under international pressure by creating a permanent home for squatting Bengalis in Burma, there is no doubt that Burmese people from all walks of life will altogether get up to fight. Everyone including children, women, and even monks will join together to do something drastic to turn around that kind of unwise decision.

In past decades, the scale of damage done by American invasions in some Islamic countries is a separate issue which has nothing to do with Burma. There were wars and invasions triggered by the traditional standards of oil wars in the fashion American crafted its strategies. Any western interest groups could be trying to use Burma for any hidden agenda of theirs —perhaps to please some Islamic leaders in Arab and middle east as a trade-off for all the wrongs done by the past wars. However, it would be totally insensitive and unfair of anyone or any nation to take a lot out of Burma to give something to the Bengalis. Such kind of political gesture to compensate or please these Islamic countries would be too reckless and dangerous in the poverty-stricken Burma. No foreign nation can arbitrarily set down its irrelevant public relations policies to please the Islamic world through meddling in Burma.  Struggling under pressure of lies and manipulative coverage of the Rohingya problem in Rakhine State, Burma had to take several punches on the face.

Above the political stronghold of the general decent Burmese public are the excessively cunning British Broadcasting Corporation, Hang Yaung Ngwe from Democratic Voice of Burma and his accomplices, and certain senior cabinet members and military generals of Burma, all of whom appear to be high-stakes game players respectively. But the game is so flawed that the outcome may not be in favor of the Burmese people completely forgotten for 50 years.

If we all failed to watch out all possibilities cautiously, the current population of 800,000 Bengalis in Rakhine State will have exploded to 8 million just by the end of this decade or another. The infamous Shwe Gas project is still underway, and the British government’s master-mindedness, all NGOs that serve Bengali interests and other calculating western stakeholders could, in a few years from now, predict and speak of the first sovereign Rohingya State in the Burmese land. Explosive population, pressure form noisy fanatical human rights groups and uncurbed bribery could all lead to this anticipated gloomy future for the Burmese people.

In that potential situation that might befall us, Bengali population inside Burma will reach a total of 5 or 8 million in five years. Burma will not even have waited too long when this happens. People now have a strong sense of danger and threat to their Rakhine land. Matters of sovereignty and security will soon be increasingly urgent in this troubled land of Rakhine in the west. For the Burmese people, just the mere thought of the scenero in which the Rakhine way of life is to be lost because of the Bangalis is inexplicably heart-wrenching. With all their hearts broken, everyone—children, women, even monks and all ethnic people—will come forward to protest against foreign media and foreign influence.

To make things worse, the foreign-based Burmese language media teams often get out of their way to help conceal the truth about Rakhine State and the nature of recent strifes there. These corrupt individuals in the newsroom of the Burmese service have abused their journalistic positions to further beat up the voiceless Rakhines in the long run. All which is not so straightforward and often malevolent on the television and on the radio is the outcome of news preparation and advanced calculation—the western media must know this very well.

We all must be vigilant all around the time so our Rakhine land and its way of life will not be destroyed and replaced by that of the uninvited guests. All Burmese must be extremely wakeful and alert because there is still on their television, on their radio, on their broadcast and on their news a great deal of fake news of Rohingya being persecuted by the Buddhist Rakhines/Burmese. No foreign media stations or lame NGOs spreading Rohingya propaganda against Burma  ought not to win a special Grammy award for false voice against Buddhist Rakhines and the country’s national security. Also, the government would not win a Grammy for its questionable inconsistency and detachment in handling the Rohingya crisis.

The entire nation will be standing behind the Rakhines. These Buddhists Rakhines are the ones, non-violent and gentle-minded, being able to have shown graceful courage in taking media punches of the west, and even frequent brutality and attacks caused by the Rohingyas. As it is an urgent national cause of the moment, the Burmese people will be fighting against western media manipulation and all other challenges imposed on them. Their land and culture of life must be protected. When we stand up against the western media lying and cheating, we will be using all the means we know how.

Aye Aye Soe Win

August 4, 2012

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