Burma:Former ABSDF comrade Bobo’s journey- for All interested in Truth and Justice -Part 1-2ENGL.BURMESE ALL ON

I was arrested in Shwe Dinga teashop. We held a strike at around noon. We gave speeches. It was raining. We finished giving speech at around 3:30 and we entered the teashop at around 4. We were arrested there.

We were taken to the Papaetan police station then to Insein. I was released after 14 days.

So things changed. Even though I was young, they know me and I cannot participate in activities freely. So I changed my place with Cho Gyi. He was planning to go to liberated area and I am supposed to attend school while participating in the activities. But we changed places.

When we first got to the border, we did not think about taking arms and no one thought about forming ABSDF. What I want is just bringing justice and freeing my friends from prisons. I cried when I get out of the prison. My friends were still held in there.

It was worsen that I get to the prison. I formerly just dislike because my friends were imprisoned. I stayed with different peopled while imprisoned. When I was released, I felt lonely. Some of my friends were in prison and the others were away from me.

Some accused me that I was released because I signed not to involve in activities. Some even thought I am informer. I want to tell something. There was an intelligent officer San Kque. He was assigned for Sangchaung Township. He occasionally came to me and told whoever took control of the country will be our government and they are always with us. He always talked like that.

It is rude to tell him not to come to me. What I did not notice is that he paid for the charges for us in teashop. I knew that only after the waiter told me. The intelligent officer paid it. That is what happened before I was arrested.

I rarely stay at home during the time just before my arrest. In fact, most of the student activists did not stay at home. We usually stay in offices or friends’ houses. I stayed at Dr. Cho Tu’s house. I slept there. The spooks even came there. It was not just me. All of us were dogged.

What happened is a spook told me that that one of us is going to be arrested. So I have to inform my friends since I did not know that guy. Soon, that guy was arrested and it happened that I had warned that. They began to think I am a spook. They were spying on us and we had fallen in their trap.

Sometimes, they even donated us. We did not take most of the time. We also publish poem books. The officials always bought the books. We knew that but we needed that money to publish leave-lefts.

After I was released, I heard that Nyein Nyein Zinn was released just because her parents approached some higher ranked officials. So we were doubted. That events make me hate any one dressed in military or police uniforms. That anger led me choose the path of taking arms.

I initially hoped to go to southern part but I reached northern. There were 2 motivates for me to take arms: to revolt against the oppressive regime and to recuse my friends. The later is a childish dream. I literally wanted to recuse my friends.

To be continued.



The first time we regroup after the coup is the funeral of Khin Kyi, wife of Gen. Aung San. It was 1989. Before that there are various small parties. I joined the All Burma Federation of Student Unions and I got a member card. I participated in their movements. I think it was second week of January that we met for the funeral. The next time is 13 March funeral of Phone Maw.

After that some divisions began to form in the federation. There are two unions for high school students and also divided among Yangon district and Yangon division. After all, the federation was divided into ABFSU and AMFSU. What I want to be happened is as Ko Paw (Min Ko Naing) said to go back to our schools and lobby the other students. So I went back to school with the duty of township representative of high school unions. I met Cho Gyi there. The first problem we faced is to or not to attend school.

At the same time, many political parties are discussing about whether to participate in the upcoming election. We support not to attend school unless our demands are met. We demanded to release our friends. You know we cannot attend school if our friends are in prisons. We also asked for peaceful learning for us students. So we decided not to attend school.

There are also some who want to attend school. They think about protesting within the school so we did a choice that best suite both: launching a demonstration similar to 88 uprising. Some strikes began to form. It began in March. I remember the day, March 27, 89. We form small groups and protest across the city. I was arrested on June 29.

To be continued.

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