Burma: Turkish military aircraft ‘only brought humanitarian aid’

An official from the President’s Office has clarified about the arrival of two military aircraft from Turkey at Yangon International Airport on October 25.

Director Zaw Htay (Hmuu Zaw) said on his Facebook page that they were C130 planes carrying only humanitarian aid for the victims in Rakhine state, western Myanmar.

They carried only foodstuff and household things, which will be transported to Sittwe by a Myanma Airways chartered flight. The aid will be sent to both Rakhine and Bengali victims through the regional government, he said.

Zaw Htay also urged people not to be worried about the news, and assured that the aid will be sent only after being inspected at the airport.

The two military aircraft arrived in Yangon on October 25 with 14 crew members on board, including an official of the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

The Foreign Ministry reportedly directed the airport immigration division to issue visas on arrival to the crews.

The reason behind the arrival of the Turkish-flagged planes was initially unclear and it triggered public concern.

“As directed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we issued visas on arrival to them on October 25. But we don’t know why they have come here,” said an airport official who did not want to be named.


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