Burma:Tripartite Agreement reached in Tachilek (Unofficial translation)

MONDAY, 29 OCTOBER 2012 14:10 S.H.A.N.

Tripartite Agreement reached in Tachilek 
(Unofficial translation)
(28 October 2012)

  1. Government, UNODC and RCSS will undertake survey in Mongnai and Mongpan townships
  2. Based on the data gathered, government, UNODC and RCSS will choose the sites for crop substitution pilot project
  3. Plans for the crop substitution pilot project will be jointly drawn up, explained to the people, obtained their suggestions and then implemented
  4. The crop substitution pilot project at the chosen sites will be implemented by government-UNODC-RCSS as soon as possible*
  5. UNODC will render technical assistance to the government-RCSS crop substitution project sites
  6. UNODC will discuss with international donors for the provision of immediately needed funds for the project
  7. RCSS will keep the local people as well as its members informed on protection against dangers of drugs, reduction and total eradication of opium cultivation, cooperation in the control of drugs and implementation of the crop substitution project
  8. For effective implementation CCDAC, Shan State Police Force and RCSS will each appoint contact persons and exchange information through emails, telephones and other appropriate means
  9. Security issues in the joint CCDAC-UNODC and RCSS crop substitution project sites will be presented to the higher authorities**

UNODC = UN Office on Drugs and Crimes
CCDAC = Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control
RCSS = Restoration Council of Shan State

*The UNODC wants the project to be implemented by the end of 2012
*The RCSS has requested that its members are allowed to carry arms in the project areas

The meeting

On the RCSS side

Col Sai Harn, RCSS “drugczar”

On the government’s side

Police Colonel Mying Aung

Polic chief Myint Aung and Brig-Gen Pawng Kherh shaking hans

Col Aung Thu, Shan State government security and Border Affairs Minister

Jason Eligh, UNODC country manager

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