Sittwe: Four Arakanese were killed, twelve injured and many others are missing after the Burmese army fired simultaneous shots on an engine-boat driving on the upper Kaladan River in Kyauktaw in Arakan State.

A local elder told Narinjara that dead bodies from the incident are being kept in the public hospital in Kyauktaw and that he witnessed a youth’s dead body being brought to the hospital on Saturday morning when he was there.

“I saw the dead body of a youth identified as Maung Win Hlaing from Alaekyaun Village being brought to the hospital ”, said the elder.

He said that the dead body of Ko Tun Aye Thar, who was also killed in the army’s shooting, was brought to the hospital early morning on Saturday.

“There are now already four who were killed, twelve injured and others onboard that are missing after the army’s boat shooting”, he said.

The four who were found dead after the incident are identified as 28-year old Htwee Hla Sein, 23 year-old Oo Kyaw Hla, Ko Tun Aye Thar and Ko Maung Win Hlaing. They are said to be from the villages of Ton Ma, Lak Pru, Thar Se and Alae Kyaun in Kyauktaw Township.

The engine-boat driving in the Kaladan River was said to be shot with a barrage of bullets by the army from the river-bank near Taung Bwe Village in upper Kyauktaw Township around 4 pm on 25th of October.

“We cannot say why the army shot the boat, but it is likely that the army assumed the boat was coming to attack the Muslim villages. All people onboard the boat were killed, wounded and many are still missing because the army fired continuous shots at the boat from a close distant. There were over 30 people onboard and all the remaining ones are still missing”, said the elder.

Ten out of twelve injured in the incident have been already sent to Sittwe Hospital as their injuries are serious while the most serious among them identified as Ko Than Shwe is said to have been sent to Rangoon from Sittwe by air on Saturday.

The Arakanese death toll after violence began in the region has already reached eight in Kyauktaw Township—four of them were killed in army boat shootings while the four others were killed in army shootings and clashes with Bengali Muslims in Paikthe Lak Saung Kauk Village.

There are now 14 Arakanese who were killed in army shootings during this fresh violence around Arakan State—2 in Rathedaung, 2 in Minbya, 4 in Mrauk-U and 6 in Kyauktaw respectively. According to news reports, there are causalities in other violence-hit areas due to army shootings as well.

It has also been learnt that army shootings injured 12 Arakanese in Rathedaung Township, 15 in Kyauktaw Township and over 30 in other violence-hit areas in Arakan State.

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