KNU to hold emergency central committee meeting

Karen_flagertyhvcKaren National Union (KNU) will hold an emergency Central Committee meeting at the KNU’s Brigade (7) Headquarters on October 22nd, according to the chairman of Hpa-an District and KNU committee member Pado Aung Maung Aye. “We will hold a meeting either on October 22nd or the 23rd. First, we will have a non-formal reconciliation meeting and then we will gather again for our central committee meeting,” he said.

The meeting is being held to discuss the opening of KNU’s liaison office in Hpa-an, which became a controversial topic and major created tension between the representatives of the General Staff and the Central General secretaries last September. The issue split KNU into two sides, Brigade’s (2) and (5) advocated on the side of the Central General Secretaries, while Brigades (1), (3), (4), (6) and (7) advocated for the General Staff.

This issue led to the dismissal of KNLA’s Chief of Staff, General Mu Htu Shay Poe, the Vice Secretary, Saw David Taw, and the Officer in Charge of the Relief and Social Services Department, Pado Rol Jer Khin, from the organization.


In the meeting the KNU will nominate people for the newly open positions and make plans for KNU’s 15th Anniversary Congress, where they will vote for the nominees. Currently, there are 30 Central Committee members, 15 Standing Committee members and 11 Central Executive Committee members.

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