Refugees were injured after a random shooting into the Pha Ye camp(SINO_BURMABORDER) by the government troops yesterday

16.october 2012 Refugees were injured after a random shooting into the Pha Ye camp by the government troops yesterday. U Dewl P Zar, the man in charge of the camps, informed Phophtaw that the shooting occurred at the camp near border gate (6) in the Northeastern part of the China-Myanmar border right outside of Kachin State. “Yesterday at 4:00 in the evening the government army shot into Pha Ye refugee camp, located just over the border in China, and a 4 year old child was injured. One shot blew off his right leg and another shot skimmed his left hand,” he added. Infantry Battalion (77) started shooting machine guns and 81mm weapons at the refugees around noon yesterday. “At this time we don’t know the reason for the shooting,” said U Dewl P Zar.

Since the opening of Pha Ye camp in May this year, the government’s Pan War battalion and Border Guard Force (BGF) have already come three times in an effort to move the refugees into the Pan War refugee camp, which is located inside Myanmar in the Pan War area. Despite continuous efforts, the refugees refuse to move camps because Pan War refugee camp is located right next to the government’s Infantry Battalion (77) camp and is therefore constantly guarded by BGF and government soldiers. Additionally, KIA’s front camp is just across the way, barely over the border on the China side, and this would put the refugees right in-between two armed forces. Only one small river separates KIA and the government military camp making it quite easy for them to attack each other, with the refugee camp in the middle. Much fighting between the two groups has occurred and the refugees would fear for their safety if they were moved to Pan War refugee camp.

Border Guard Za Khone Tate Yaine went to Pha Ye camp twice, July 19th and 29th, to try to convince refugees to move but was unsuccessful. On july 31st he even brought trucks and cars to transport them but they still refused to move saying it is too dangerous for them. During that time there was heavy fighting between government troops and KIA and the refugees did not want to be in the middle of it.

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